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United Kingdom
London England, United Kingdom
Web Print Digital     2D Animation     Illustration
I am a designer with a particular interest in interactive experiences, branding, and animation. I have been responsible for initiating, developing and delivering creative strategy for a range of clients in key sectors varying from fashion to finance, education, entertainment, hospitality and non-profit. I like to be involved in every part of the creative process, from defining the narrative and concept to fine-tuning the details, and the constant experimentation in between. The opportunity to influence the way we interact with our environment and ensure that these constantly evolving experiences and interactions remain useful, usable, ethical, and enjoyable, is what keeps More...
Montevideo Uruguay, Uruguay
Motion Graphics     2D Animation
2012 -Character animation for a videogame called “Lengua Laberinto” under the direction of ”Piso Rojo” and “Aceituna Films” (Flash). 2013 -Character animation in “Palermo Estudio” of the animated series “Anselmo quiere saber” (Toom Boom Harmony). 2014 -Motion Graphic videos (for OPP and AGESIC) at “Aceituna-Tv”. 2015 -Character animation for the animated series of “Billy the Krill” with “Coyote Sociedad Animada” (Toom boom Harmony). -Motion Graphics videos for “Montes del Plata” at “Mode Producciones” (After Effects and Flash) -Character animation for an educational video at Aceituna-TV (Toom Boom Harmony) More...
Montevideo Uruguay, Uruguay
2D Animation     3D Character Animation     Motion Graphics
2012 -Character animation for a videogame called “Lengua Laberinto” under the direction of ”Piso Rojo” and “Aceituna Films” (Flash). 2013 -Character animation at “Palermo Estudio” of the animated series “Anselmo quiere saber” (Toom Boom Harmony). 2014 -Motion Graphic videos (for OPP and AGESIC) at “Aceituna-Tv”. -Poster design for the Maximiliano de León’s poem: “Abandono del frasco” at Zona poema (2014) 2015 -Character animation for the animated series of “Billy the Krill” at “Coyote Sociedad Animada” (Toom boom Harmony). -Motion Graphics videos for “Montes del Plata” at “Mode Producciones” (After Eects and Flash) -Character animation for an educational video at Aceituna-TV More...
Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada
Web Print Digital     Custom Art Design Logos Disc Art     Illustration
As well I also have 10+ years of experience in customer service-based roles and office environments, and with that I've had the chance to problem-solve and interact with my fellow teams and clients in many different scenarios which has proven to be a beneficially versatile interpersonal skill set, regardless of industry. Given the chance, I am confident that I would make a positive contribution to your organization. More...
Bengaluru Karnataka, India
Cameraman DP     Director of Photography     Classic Portrait
Please visit my linkedin profile for a more detailed account of my profile More...
Mumbai Maharashtra, India
TV and Web Commercials     Full Service Video Production     Fixer
Our services : Budget and Scheduling Research and Development Visas and Customs Locations, Permissions and Permits Art Direction and Set Construction Equipment and Crew Hire Travel, Boarding, Lodging, Communications Casting and Post Production Facilities More...
United States
Falls Church Virginia, United States
Full Service Video Production     HD Post Production     Pro Video
We have an eye for your innovation: Video for Biotech by Dudley Digital Works is a metro Washington, DC based video production company specialized in capturing and creating content for some of the world’s leading biomedical brands. From the cleanroom to the boardroom, we know life sciences. Over a decade of biomedical video production experience: Dudley Digital Works has produced video content for dozens of therapeutic brands and associations on four continents. Leverage our global biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostic background to your advantage. Video for Biotech by Dudley Digital Works has you covered: From R&D and manufacturing to More...
Manaus Amazonas, Brazil
Motion Graphics     3D Models     2D Animation
Motion Designer at TV Cultura June 2015 - Present (1 year 2 months) - Create Motion Graphics and 2D Animation - Design opening sequence for local TV Shows Motion Designer at March 2014 - December 2014 (10 months) - Designed institutional videos and Ads for several brands - Managed projects and established communication with clients Motion Graphic Designer at Jobast December 2012 - December 2013 (1 year 1 month) - Created Motion Graphics - Directed and Scripted 2D Animations Motion Graphic Designer at Amazon Picture September 2010 - November 2010 (3 months) - Designed Motion Graphics and 2D Animations More...
Monterrey Nuevo León, Mexico
Animation-Modeling-Texture     3D Models
6 years shipped games such as: Overwatch Star Wars the Old Republic Heroes of the Dragon Age Metal Gear Solid HD More...
United States
Dallas Texas, United States
Post Production     Graphic & Motion Design     Logo Design
Tracey Watts, Video Design 4/16-6/16  Create a video for his website Susan Williams, Logo Design 5/16-6/16  Create a logo for her busines More...
United States
Lockport New York, United States
3D   Web
Animation-Modeling-Texture     Flash Design and Programming     Flash Animation
I have a strong work ethic and I am eager to get my career started. I am always looking for ways to push the bar when possible and work well under tight time constraints and take criticism well. More...
United States
las vegas Nevada, United States
Visual Development     Audio Recording     Multimedia Production Studio
WWW.GOTLUCKIE.COM Presents: AS SEEN ON VEGASTV URBAN LIFESTYLE, DINING, NIGHTLIFE, SPORTS, ENTERTAINMENT, FASHION, MUSIC NEWS, CURRENT EVENTS LAS VEGAS NEVADA, April 27, 2013: WWW.GOTLUCKIE.COM Presents: airing on VegasTV E/O SAT AT 11pm , WWW.GOTLUCKIE .COM Created By EXEC PRODUCER/URBAN MARKETING GURU LUCKIE MASERATI Luckie has over 10 years of entertainment diversified experience as President of Jaguar Entertainment, Executive Vice President of Gorilla Records and MoneyBag Boyz. His industry experience includes hosting events, managing, marketing and promoting artists with strong interpersonal, analytical and technical skills. He has marketed over 30 artists throughout his career and has worked directly with the following More...
United States
Des Moines IA, United States
2D Animation     Motion Comics     Rotoscoping
-12 years in Hollywood doing motion graphics for DVD/BluRay menus and bonus materials -4 years in Iowa doing corporate animations and editing -Previous experience with video editing, audio editing, voice-over, graphic design -directed my own documentary: Lost Cinemas of Greater Des Moines More...
United States
Charlottesville Virginia, United States
Audio Engineering     Production Sound Mixer     Musicians
Decades of staging and mixing live sound and performing music. More...
New Delhi Delhi, India
Rotoscoping     Stereoscopic 3D     Visual Effects
5 years experience in VFX & Stereo Rotoscopy,2d Animation, 3d Animation as well as , Lighing, Rendering. More...
H\'Attard H\'Attard, Malta
2D Animation     Motion Graphics     Cel Animation
5+ Years working directly in motion graphics. The first three were with a national TV Station, where I took care of anything ranging from Commercials to Program Jingles, to even leading the TV campaign for a local political party. The last three years have been spent with an advertising agency, where most of my work included Television Commercials as well as Infographics and generic infomercials. I have also been in charge of a number of different projects, including conceptualisation of ideas as well as project co-ordination and management. Apart from the above Youtube link, I am also pasting my behance More...
Harare Mashonaland, Zimbabwe
Movie Production     Editing | Photography | Writing     Full Service Video Production
Invision Studios is a film and television production company based in Zimbabwe. We aim to create high quality entertainment productions for global distribution. Our philosophy is Extreme Quality Control on every production that we handle.  Each of us handle every detail on a production with tender care, because we know that God is in the details. We’re quality-focused. Invision Studios is comprised of an affable team that is working diligently to build a first-class film facility.    We’re a friendly, attentive team well known among elite filmmakers and producers for making sure their productions speak the quality for themselves.   As More...
United States
ANN ARBOR Michigan, United States
3D Animation     3D Character Animation     3D Models
see my resume . I have diploma in 3D animation More...
Bangalore Karnataka, India
Director of Photography     Lighting Cameraman DP     Full Production Services
Dip. Film Making ( London ) Dip. Cinematogrpahy ( Govt. Film & T V Instt. Bangalore ) B Sc. (Bangalore University ) More...
Moscow Moscow region, Russia
Web Print Digital     Print Design and Web Design     Graphic & Motion Design
Visual designer with a passion for creating simple, functional, and aesthetically appealing designs. Experience on a variety of design areas including graphic design, motion design, print design, typography and UX/UI design. More...
United States
Chicago Illinois, United States
Director of Photography     TV and Web Commercials     Film Production
Experienced DP in film production, Television, Doc, Corporate films & Web More...
United States
Houston Texas, United States
Print Design and Web Design     Logo Design
Associate of Applied Science in Visual Communication - Graphic Design More...
Nowa Sarzyna Podkarpackie, Poland
Web Print Digital     Creative Director     Website
With over 7 years of professional experience I worked with brands like: Warner Bros. , Samsung, Energizer, Makro, Nestle, Suzuki, Phillips, Orsay, HP, Mitsubishi Electric, Cygate, Gala, Coral, ... and many others More...
Delhi Delhi, India
Web Design and Development     Website And Software Development
We have 5 years of experience in Website Designing Services, Web Development Services, SEO Services, SEM Services. Mobile App Development More...
United States
Seattle King County, United States
Audio Engineering     Pro Video     Mixing and Mastering
10+ years of audio production, mixing, and engineering. 5+ years of videography More...
United States
Los Angeles California, United States
Full Production Services     Fixer     Location Management and Scouting
von Brunn Media has provided a variety of services to international clients and successfully participated in the production of shows and MOWs. Projects range includes talkshow segments, event coverage, made for TV films and reality competitions such as the Bachelor. More...
United States
West Lafayette Indiana, United States
Visual Effects     Motion Graphics     Film Editing
I\'ve spent the last five years working for the Distance Learning Center in Purdue University\'s Polytechnic Institute. During this time, I was responsible for maintaining the lab and equipment, handling clients, storyboarding, scripting, filming, editing, asset production, compositing, and live studio productions. I have also been a teaching assistant for the VFX and Game Courses for Purdue. More...
Mexico Federal District, Mexico
Camera Rental     DOP     RED ONE
Experienced DP and Camera operator timelapse, aerials, ficcion, tv spots and corporate video filmared is rental house specialized in RED CAMERAS digital assets management and post production More...
United States
Los Angeles California, United States
· Participated in bi-weekly committee meetings for the Wildlife Waystations 40th Anniversary gala event to help promote and raise two million dollars for "Hollywood's Chimp Challenge-It Takes A Village". As well as, an animal rehab and nutritional wellness center. · Recommended celebrity presence Matt Burch of Operation Repo to create a promo and a podcast for the event. · Built professional relationships between celebrity PR and the Wildlife Waystations PR management. · Scouted locations for the event. · Helped graphic designer edit the Wildlife Waystations logo content for the gala. · Helped inform the public about the Wildlife Waystation using More...
United States
Savannah Georgia, United States
Director of Photography     Color Correction and Grading     Classic Portrait
I have extensive experience working on set in various departments, and because of that I feel as if I would be a good asset to any production. I’ve worked on feature films, commercials, and fashion product launch videos over the years. I previously worked on Baywatch (Paramount Studious), Gifted (Searchlight Fox) and Zelda (Amazon Studios). Considering my past experience, skills, and ambition I feel fully qualified and prepared to shoot for your company. More...
United States
Fort Lauderdale Florida, United States
Web Print Digital
NEW ENGLAND FUNDING TECHNOLOGIES LEAD DESIGNER • CREATIVE DIRECTOR JAN 2015 - MAR 2016 As the Creative Director & Lead Designer, I am responsible for strategic thinking to ensure that simple and intuitive user experiences are designed and adhered to; as well as defining standards of usability and accessibility empowering superior visual designs. LUMEXIS CORPORATION LEAD UX /UI DESIGNER JUN 2013 - NOV 2014 As the Lead Designer of the Software Presentation Team, my responsibilities for this project was to redesign a new Interactive In Flight Entertainment System user interface and produce the final graphics to be implemented in the More...
United States
Orem UT, United States
Digital Compositing
General Motors / CREATIVE DIGITAL IMAGER JULY 2013 - NOV 2015, Detroit -Created compelling animations for use in auto shows and press releases -Composited CG imagery over live action footage -Collaborated with 8-10 artists Brigham Young University / ANIMATION LEAD AUG 2012 - MAY 2013, Provo -Assigned shots and managed deadlines to meet production schedule -Led team of 18 animators -Delivered useful critiques on in-progress shots -Communicated with lighters to ensure animations transferred from Maya to Houdini correctly General Motors / CREATIVE DIGITAL IMAGING INTERN JUN 2012 - AUG 2012. Detroit -Created teaser video (CG and live-action mix) for the More...
United States
Lisle Illinois, United States
Print Design and Web Design     Logo Design     2D Illustrations and Paintings
Dhaka Dhaka, Bangladesh
Web   3D   Video
Web Design and Development     Architectural Visualization     Format Transfers
Here is most of Experience Video More...
United States
Redding CA, United States
Commercial     Web Video Production     Graphic & Motion Design
Lynda Adobe After Effects Essentials Training Lynda Adobe Photoshop Essentials Training Lynda Adobe Premiere Pro Essentials Training Shasta College: Communications Bethel Leadership School: Leadership and Communications More...
Borgenhaugen Østfold, Norway
Computer Equipment
I would like to combine my passion for Photography and video with the appropriate software More...
United States
Oxnard California, United States
Rotoscoping     Visual Effects
Recent graduate from Cal State Northridge. Working on a senior student short film. Creating establishing shots, visual effects and matte paintings for the short. More...
United States
Los Angeles California, United States
3D   VFX
3D Animation     Visual Effects
Disney Research Pittsburgh - Imagineering MTV PBS More...
Beijing Beijing, China
Television Production
Looking for the latest China video content? BON CP is an easy-to-use content platform aimed at demanding media buyers around the world. With fresh content produced daily and delivered conveniently via the internet, we provide you with exclusive English-language, China-focused full-length and short-form features and a wide-range of individual topical stories. All BON CP content is provided ready for repurposing and insertion into your programming, or as standalone, fully packaged broadcast-ready programs to air. Whether you need an occasional piece on China or to fill a regular slot in your publishing program, the BON CP Service is a convenient and More...
Guayaquil Guayas, Ecuador
Post Visual FX     Visual Effects     Color Correction and Grading
Combined experience in film industry is more than 25+ years. More...