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Milwaukee WI, United States
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MKE Production Rental offers professional still and video cameras, light and sound equipment, and all the gear you need to get your video or film production off to a great start! We rent cameras, lenses, DSLRs, and lighting and grip for motion picture, broadcast television, and events. If you need AV services like projectors, screens, sound systems, or event lighting, we do that too. If you're working on a shoot, an event, or a promotion, let us show you what Milwaukee can do! More...
Toronto Ontario, Canada
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OCAD (Ontario College of Art & Design) 1986-1987 Ryerson University - Film & Photography Programme 1987-1991 founder / creative director: Mir Lada Photography 1990-current Portfolio Reproduction Services 1995-1998 Boa Studios 1998-current Boa Media 1999-2008 IntelliFolios 2001-2010 CaptureTek 2008-current Numerous international awards for photography and CGI More...
Toronto Ontario, Canada
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Ontario camera rental is cameras, lenses, lights and grips equipment rental based in Toronto, Ontario. We have started our company on 2014 but we're all coming from film background with many years of experience. We have all the latest equipment available for rental. for example: Freefly Movi M15. Canon C300, CP.w Lenses, RED Epic Dragon, Red Scarlet X, HMI Lights, Kinos, Director monitors and many other. More...
barrie Ontario, Canada
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Ontario college of art and design More...
United States
Chicago Illinois, United States
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Experienced Chicago Gaffer (have been on thousands of shoots). Owner of 3-Ton 5-Ton & 7-Ton Grip & Lighting Trucks and Lighting Vans. Grip and Lighting Rentals. (Hmi, Kino, and Tungsten Lights). Owner of 500 amp Generator Van. Inventor of Lighting & Grip Equipment (including Extendellini, manufactured by Matthews Grip Equipment). Find Extendellini on Matthews website home page. More...
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LaGrange Park Illinois, United States
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Over 25 years of lighting experience and the owner of a 3-ton truck and 1-ton van package. Reasonable rates. More...
United States
Cedar Park Texas, United States
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Film degree and Film Production Accounting degree. #5 years of collective experience in Film and Video production More...
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Colorado Springs Colorado, United States
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Steve Flanigan Steve is a national award-winning producer/director of photography with decades of experience in feature films, TV documentaries, commercials, multi-cam, long form films and High Definition Productions. His film making trips have taken him to Mexico, Central America, Israel, Egypt, Asia, Europe, Ireland, Ethiopia, Turkey and all over the U.S. He is the co- President of Producers Group Studios. He is often called on as a Producer/ DP to oversee very difficult crew assignments internationally. He is renowned for his “location books” which isolate and identify minute details at every shooting location including pre schedules, multi-cam team placement, sun More...