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United States
Stamford Connecticut, United States
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In choosing a production company, the bottom line, once you've gotten past the razzle and dazzle, the blinking lights and the mountains of computers, is talent. The instincts to know what to do and the ability to get it done. The experience to make right decisions under fire. The determination not to stop one take short of just right. Talent: it's what we sell at P&P Studios Inc., and what has kept our doors open since 1970. P&P Studios Inc. is a mid-sized media production company located in Stamford, Connecticut. Close to New York City, near all the important airports, More...
Ljubljana Slovenia
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We are a team of highly specialized audio and video engineers. We have always had a firm commitment to march in step with technology and this is reflected in our current inventory. It is our ongoing challenge to optimize workflows to boost the performance level, shorten the delivery time and production costs. We achieve that by using the latest technology and custom build systems for specific tasks. Our voice talent database counts over 200 Slovenian, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian native speakers. We are completely aware there's no second chance in post production, therefore all projects has to be planed carefully. Our More...
Drongen East-Flanders, Belgium
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Vibe Studios offers a wide range of services from sound for picture services to complete productions of promos, commercials and trailers and voice-over-services in more than 30 languages. We can oversee your entire project and make sure every step is precisely executed. We also offer audio restoration services whether it is for film, television or a restoration of an old or damaged recording. More...
Firenze Italy
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A.G.I. ARKADIA GROUP INTERNATIONAL | DUBBING PICTURES operates as a post-production company in the home entertainment and communication industry. A.G.I. offers a wide array of technical and artistic services to both content producers and distributors, specializing in multi-lingual dubbing, localization, voiceover, sound design and central mix for animation and live action cinema, TV, home video and new media, documentaries, TV ads and jingles. Arkadia Group international Headquarters - Italy Florence Arkadia Group international United States Branch is based New York City More...
lisboa Lisbon, Portugal
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JOSÉ RAPOSO Partner/Sound Design Director Sound Station’s founder, José received his basic training in the area of sound as far back as 1987, when he worked as an operator and sound technician in radio. He worked on commercials and journalistic pieces including award winning news features. José led and participated in several radio projects including station set ups. He left radio to focus on audio post-production, working in a number of leading studios. The birth, technical design and installation of Sound station in 1998 was the brainchild of his passion for the industry. Throughout his career, José has always More...
United States
New York New York, United States
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On the job training at Gotham Recording, 2 West 46th Street in NYC. AES presenter 1983 introducing the first digital audio workstation, ProDisk. More...