United States
San Francisco California, United States
Editing     Motion Graphics     Translation
2017. July. Video Editor for the short "Smoakland" Jan Haley-Soule Productions. Okland. 2017. January. Video Editor. Feature documentary "Paying the price for Peace". Version for Spanish speaking countries. Bo Boudart Productions - San Francisco. 2016. June. Video Editor. Editing material on the spot for a Cisco meeting, syncing cameras, triming, and uploading final pieces. Madrone Studios-Outside Contractor 2016. March. Video Editor for two corporate videos. Reebok - Outside Contractor. 2015. June-September. Video Editor for two corporate videos. School of Thougth. Creative Agency. San Francisco. 2014-present. Video Editor for short. River Place Productions. Redwood City 2014. October-November. Video Editor. Google Inc. More...
United States
New York New York, United States
Translation     Multi-Language Subtitling     Voice Over Recording ISDN
iProbe provides audio & video localization, production and post-production services in 6912 languages including voice-over casting, transcription services, translation of scripts for foreign language voiceovers, foreign language dubbing, automated dialogue replacement (ADR), UN-style voice-over recording, sync-to-picture digital audio recording, mixing. We can record foreign language voice-over talent local and worldwide via ISDN and IP over network audio codecs. Translation, Subtitling, SD and Blu-Ray DVD-authoring services (NTSC & PAL) are also available for industrials, educational programming, and commercial releases. Subtitles can be layed onto tape, output as Final Cut Pro XML Image files, or for import into all major DVD authoring More...
Paris France
Translation     Transcription     Writing
Years of experience in translation of: Treatments, scripts, briefs, blurbs, sub-titles, adaptation of sub-titles More...
United States
Prairie Village Kansas, United States
Translation     Editing     Voiceover Artists
French Native Voice Experienced translator Post-production technician Final Cut X - Motion 5 Adobe CS5 European festivals and movie market relation More...
United States
Cambria California, United States
Voiceover Artists     Translation     TV and Web Commercials
More than 30 years of experience Started in Radio at age 15. WMRO, Aurora, Ill. Created my own company in the 70s (Westlake Studios, Westlake Village, Ca) to produce Educational Video, Radio and TV commercials. I wrote and produced a 5 minute radio program called Construction Industry Report that was aired in the Los Angeles market over Kvfm. I did the DATING GAME for Sony Picture Studios, Hollywood with Chuck Woolery. That was my singing debut. I did an extra gig for Westwood Studios, Las Vegas. "Uri's Revenge" See Actor Credits at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1374797/ Was an extra for MGM Studios production More...
Mexico City Federal District, Mexico
Multi-Language Subtitling     Translation
9 years of experience in audio and video production. English and Spanish as first languages. Have worked on promotional and educational videos for companies like Zondervan, Character First!, Piedra Angular, Editorial Vida, Dandy Dog, Mexican government agencies, etc. More...
United States
Chicago Illinois, United States
Print Design and Web Design     Logo Design     Translation
Graphic Designer, 2002 at EPA Escola Panamericana de Arte - São Paulo, Brazil In 1963 Panamericana opened its doors with an ambitious educational project, to be the most modern and important art and design school in Brazil. A school that was already born with a strong pioneering will, it was the first and only in Brazil to be considered a school for professional creatives. To have become what it is today, Panamericana kept in time with the most modern pedagogical methods, from the most important artistic centers in the world. As a result, after 50 years Panamericana is proud to More...
United States
Atlanta Georgia, United States
The best I can say is that I have been an in-betweener as described by Culture Connect Inc.'s mentoring program. An immigrant between two cultures, a shapeshifter by trait and flexible by nature with a love for order and chaos all at once. But if this is what you seek then below is a "copy-paste" of my most recent professional escapades. Just note I have been searching for you, Outback. And if for one second you feel I am overqualified, understand that you cannot hide greatness, despite ones purest and simplest ambitions of fulfillment. I know what would bring me More...
Tokyo Tokyo, Japan
Location Management and Scouting     Fixer     Translation
Disney 2016: Mickey's Birthday Trip Around the World 2016: Locations, Fixing, Coordination in Kyoto, Japan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZOwDbcp05Y Promo 2015 #we are ac milan. Forza Milan by TOYO TIRES. Direction, Production, Assistant. Promo 2014 : Karenaze by Toyo Tires Direction, Production, Assistant. Corporate Video 2015: Otemae University. Direction, Production. Promo: Location 360° 2015 Resort life in Shio-Ashiya. Direction, Production More...
Osaka Osaka, Japan
Fixer     Location Management and Scouting     Translation
Disney 2016: Mickey\'s Birthday Trip Around the World 2016: Locations, Fixing, Coordination in Kyoto, Japan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZOwDbcp05Y Promo 2015 #we are ac milan. Forza Milan by TOYO TIRES. Direction, Production, Assistant. Promo 2014 : Karenaze by Toyo Tires Direction, Production, Assistant. Corporate Video 2015: Otemae University. Direction, Production. Promo: Location 360° 2015 Resort life in Shio-Ashiya. Direction, Production More...
Lviv Ukraine
Voice Over Recording ISDN     Translation     Professional Training
M.A. Pedagogy of Teaching Language Arts; Teaching English as a Second Language. National IvanFranko University of Lviv, Ukraine. June 2002. Diploma No: BK 21213984 issued on June 29, 2002 More...
Kiev Ukraine
Translation     Voiceover Artists     Voiceover Artists
We have professionals educated in UK, USA, Ukraine, Russia, Germany with experience in Film, TV, contract law and corporate translations. More...
United Kingdom
London England, United Kingdom
Translation     Transcription Services     Multi-Language Subtitling
Script Translations/Adaptations (E=English, F=French, -> = translated into) Pothole Productions - Crowd Funding Campaign for short film (5000 E -> F) Moving Theatre Co. - Commissioned to adapt a Play: “Carmen” (19,000 E -> F) 2010-12 Millimages - 52 episodes of cartoon series: “Me & My Robot” (200,000 F -> E) Yahoo & Diet Coke - “Style it Light Fashion” (10,000 E -> F / F-> E) Figasso Prod. - Commissioned to adapt a Play: “Cosmopolitan” (17,500 F -> E) Translation of short film script “The Wooden Sword” (5,000 E->F) XD Production - Keolis Tramway Company Presentation (10,000 words F More...
Beijing China
Master degree in English translation More...
New Zealand
Christchurch Canterbury, New Zealand
Copywriting     Translation     Corporate Video
BA in Directing for Theatre and a minor in English and Comparative Literary Studies from Occidental College in Los Angeles and a certificate from The Oxford School of Drama in Oxford, England. More...
Neukirchen Vluyn Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Translation     Design and Development     Web Design
Sie möchten neue Kunden akquirieren? Ihre Zielgruppe ansprechen? Oder einfach nur einen gelungenen Auftritt im World Wide Web haben? More...
United States
Santa Clarita California, United States
Rentals     Location Services     Translation
http://www.facebook.com/lighthouse.comm I am a certified communications technician and a language interpreter, my primary responsibility is maintenance of the company's rental fleet of Two Way Radios, to install Interpretation Equipment, Wireless Intercom Systems & wifi Internet Access. This position is primarily responsible for local site support and maintenance as well as directly interfacing with clients, customers and users. (participating jurisdictions) The Communications Technician (1) responds to customer calls, service and status. The Communications Technician (2) is then responsible for taking the necessary action to resolve the problem and to notify the End User of the initial status and final outcome of More...
Belo Horizonte Minas Gerais, Brazil
Voiceover Artists     Television Production     Translation
Actually one of the hosts of one of the state\'s most heard sports and comedy radio shows 98 Futebol Clube, broadcasted by Radio 98 FM and affiliates. Worked also as a producer of the show for almost 8 years. www.twitter.com/98fc and www.facebook.com/98FutebolClube . Previous experience producing and acting on local tv Alterosa, a affiliate of brazilian network SBT. Soccer coverage of the teams from the city of Belo Horizonte in the state of Minas Gerais, CRUZEIRO, ATLETICO, AMERICA. And also volleyball, judo, and other sports. Voice impersonator on radio, with experience in the local advertisement market doing voice overs. More...
Sihui China
Film Production     Translation     Crew and Facilities Coordination
We can shoot, produce or manage your photography and video shoots. We find locations, deal with permits, hire talent and crew, reserve equipment, direct, shoot and edit. We have worked for clients such as 50 Lessons, Nike, Juice, Rayban, Ketchum PR, and Intercontinental Hotels. We are graduates of the University of Southern California's prestigious film school and the Beijing Film Academy. We speak Mandarin and English, and can even find Spanish, Korean, and Japanese-speaking film crews as well. Please contact us for more information. More...
Netherlands, The
Rotterdam Zuid-Holland, Netherlands, The
Voice Over Recording ISDN     Talent Producer     Translation
EuroVoice distinguishes itself from other companies by offering a complete package of production support and facilities. This extends further than just casting or selecting new talent from an overfull market of Dutch voices. EuroVoice has built up a unique reputation, particularly with its range of native foreign voices: a pool of professional voices ready to work via a worldwide network of ISDN studios. More...
United States
Atlanta Georgia, United States
Voiceover Artists     Multi-Language Subtitling     Translation
All Voices International combines the personal touch of a small business with the expertise of a key player in the media localization industry. As a production company specialized in content localization, we understand that knowing a language is different from selling in it. Since our founding in 2006 and with over 15 years of international industry experience, we’ve built a reputation for in-depth knowledge, accuracy and professional reliability. With hundreds of localization partners based in over 30 countries, we have a vast network of native, in-country voice talent and translators to meet your communications needs in more than 40 languages. More...
Berlin Russia
Voiceover Artists     Voiceover Artists     Translation
Professional native Russian voice over talent. Over 10 Years experience. Pronunciation without any regional accent. Clear, warm and friendly voice wich can deliver a broad spectrum from youthful and fresh to captivating and seductive. My professional and creative versatility has attracted customers like BASF, JVC, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard and Seiko, among others. My projects include, but are not limited to, Audio books, Radio & TV Commercials, Audio Guides, Dubbing, Industrial, Technical, Cultural, Promotional or Commercial Presentations, Documentaries, as well as Phone Systems and Customer Service. Recent customers include: SEIKO Optical Europe GmbH; BASF, Plastics Portal Europe; JVC Deutschland GmbH; British More...
Caracas Caracas , Venezuela
Translation     3D Animation     3D Character Animation
i made a lot of animations things but for Bobbie only. Also for translate just a few document but like a gift for to be a friend More...
Sao Paulo Brazil
Corporate video - training/educational & institutional - translation services for Brazil, from English into Portuguese (BR), for dubbing or subtitling. May include in-house subtitling or outsourced dubbing. More...
Cairo Egypt
Arabi Translation is one of the leading Arabic translation service providers in the world.We offer Arabic translation services, converting documents from many languages into Arabic and from Arabic into many languages.We employ only native speakers of Arabic to make sure that documents will look authentic,and have translators who specialize in almost every subject and field you can think of. We make sure that our qualified translators transform the information accurately.We deal with many of the world's corporations in addition to so many small and medium size companies and individuals,and value long-term business relationships. Our guarantee is that your translation will More...

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