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United States
Lititz Pennsylvania, United States
Online Video Platform     Duplication     Data Backup and Archiving
25 years in the data/digital content business, including duplication, distribution, storage, copy protection and, most recently, electronic distribution of most types of digital content More...
Tel Aviv Israel
Online Video Platform     Motion Graphics     Digital Compositing
Motion designer at Israel's top broadcast TV channels for 10 years . After effects for commercial and promo television . For over a year creative director and adobe software programmer for a start-up , showbox, online video platform . More...
United Kingdom
Exeter England, United Kingdom
Online Video Platform
2008 M.A TV Production at Falmouth College University, England 2003 Master in Equal Opportunities at University of Rome 3 Italy 2002 Master in Human Rights at University San Pio V, Italy 1991 BA (Hons) Sociology at London Guildhall University. More...
United States
New York New York, United States
Online Video Platform     Video Hosting     Video Streaming
What are the user system requirements? The Poststream Live™ server does not require a dedicated web connection for the client access computer, but the best performance is available when a bandwidth of at least 512 Kbps is available for the system to use. Higher-rate internet access smoothes the streaming video and downloading process, but access rates as low as 128 Kbps can be serviceable to accommodate remote on-site productions. The following hardware specifications are required for the server computer, unless the Poststream Live™ dedicated server farm is used: 1. At least 1 Mb/s available on the LAN without congestion (minimum More...
United States
Woodland Hills California, United States
Custom Software Development     Transcription     Online Video Platform
Developed, Keywords, uTRANSCRIBE.TV and our latest uSubtitle.TV. KEYWORDS, a metadata generating system, allows video to be searched via keywords. Timed indexes, speech to text metadata from stored or streaming audio/video files are all part of what makes KEYWORDS a functional solution for the client. uSubtitle.TV solves frustrations with manual transcriptions. A user-friendly process generates text and timing from English or Spanish language video and audio files. A convenient edit application allows a user the ability to perfect the returned transcription and timing. uSubtitle.TV brings ease to the transcription process. uTranscribe.TV. This product manually transcribes and allows for closed captioning. uTranscribe.TV More...
United States
Denver Colorado, United States
Flash Player Streaming     Online Video Platform     Web Design and Development
Avid & FCP Editor-+15 years Steadicam SK-2 Owner/Operator DVD Studio Pro AE, PS, AI Sorenson, Flash Encoder, Cleaner More...
Toronto Ontario, Canada
Online Video Platform     Video Hosting     Video Streaming
BackSpin was founded in 2012 and is the product of working with film and TV production studios for over a decade. More...
United States
Santa Monica California, United States
Online Demo Reels     Online Video Platform     Video Hosting
More than 100 customers use INTERDUBS every day to communicate their work with their clients. As of January 2011 more than 1,8 Million files have been shared via INTERDUBS More...
United Kingdom
Hertford England, United Kingdom
Online Video Platform     Web Video Production     Video Hosting
I have had 29 years working in broadcast TV and video production. In 1983, I joined Channel Four Television in the UK very shortly after it first opened, working mostly on the engineering side and eventually becoming a specialist telecine colourist. After seven years at Channel Four, I joined Hillside Studios and became head of post production. I was heavily involved in a large range of productions, engineering live studio recordings and broadcasts. Also working on many documentary and dramas in difficult locations such as the West Bank and India. Clients were the main UK broadcasters, mainly the BBC. In More...
United States
Colorado Springs Colorado, United States
Online Video Platform
Having already designed hundreds of custom web sites using their own unique web application platform, veteran software developers at Volta saw a unique opportunity to respond to a new demand in the entertainment marketplace. Among their production company clientele, there was an outcry for the need of an online workflow tool that simplified reel presentations, for both the user and the client. By working closely with the producers and editors, Volta developed Simian. An online showcase tool that streamlines media presentation for commercials, music videos, and web or print advertising. Founded in 2003, Volta is comprised of a close-knit team More...
Warsaw Warsaw, Poland
Film   Design   Web
Film Editing     Creative Director     Online Video Platform
Graduated in International Business, 2002 -Paris, France Training in music rights and management, 2003 - Paris, France From 2003 until now, travelling. More...
United States
Provo Utah, United States
eLearning     Web Video Production     Online Video Platform
Xcelus, an award-winning visual communications and digital media company, develops innovative and unique online videos, allowing companies to integrate the power and persuasion of video into their training, sales, marketing, and communication strategies. The Xcelus online video platform tools allow companies to manage, deliver and measure video content to meet the needs of today’s business requirements. Xcelus’ video solutions include sales, marketing, customer support, lead generation, recruiting, and employee communications. Xcelus is a private company founded in 2005 and is based in Provo, Utah. More...
United States
Cazenovia New York, United States
Data Backup and Archiving     Technical Media Consultant     Online Video Platform
Attend Alternatives Attend was founded in 2008 to provide you with alternatives. Alternatives that allow you to focus on the important stuff you need to deliver to your clients and teams, and alternatives that fit into your business finance and operating models. We understand the hassles involved with global media production processes, and knew we could make it better. Storage with Benefits Our Cloud storage solution comes with benefits, including MediaCloud for collaborative, file-based workflows, CloudCache for emergencies and temporary storage, the Content Ingest Network for faster uploads, the Attend On Set ZUI for remote viewing of full-res material. You More...
United States
New York New York, United States
Instructional Video     Online Video Platform     Software Training
2-year-old Internet startup located in New York. In-house writers, editors and animators created our video tutorials about how to use the Internet. More...
United States
Dallas Texas, United States
Web Video Production     Web Design     Online Video Platform
Urban Noize production serves the greater DFW area and beyound. We specialize in producing high quality web promos, web design and music videos. We are currently working with clients, who have a limited budget, to provide them with an affordable solution to finish their project without sacrificing its integrity. More...
Köln (Cologne) North-Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Online Video Platform     Video Hosting     Video Integration and System Design
Reelway provides rich Media Asset Management functionality as Software-as-a-Service. Our flagship platform service “ReelCloud” provides metadata management, video browsing, EDL creation and workflow processing from everywhere via standard web browser. The ReelCloud service comes with the new browser based video editor “ReelTake”. ReelTake allows multi-track editing, audio rubber-banding and compiling frame-accurate EDLs. Free evaluation accounts are available to try out the MAM services at no costs. “ReelSpirit” More...
United States
Chatsworth California, United States
Full Service Video Production     Photographic Services     Online Video Platform
Multimedia Management including, building resources for businesses in the Orange County and Los Angeles areas to modernize their online marketing strategies through affordably priced video, photo, and web services. Building effective teams to produce engaging and high quality content. Manage projects from inception to completion. Building and managing customer pipeline. Responsible for educating clients on marketing and advertising solutions that align with their budget. Overseeing both technical and creative teams throughout product operations. Production proposals, product video, and Photo Campaigns. Educating existing clientele about the advantages of modernizing their current ad campaigns to utilize video content. Post-Production editing including, responsibility More...
United States
Los Angeles California, United States
Editing     Online Video Platform     Commercial
4+ years experience in Video Editing at a production house, studio, network, and freelance in major markets of Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and New York City. More...
United Kingdom
London England, United Kingdom
Online Video Platform     Custom Software Development     Data Backup and Archiving
The Creative workflow ecosystem with Cloud based collaboration platform, Creative freelance network, Production workflow tools and Media asset management More...
Paris France Paris, France
Color Correction and Grading     Production and Post-Production Databases     Online Video Platform
FIREFLY allows film professionals to simplify film production, from on-set to post-production : Our suite of softwares are : >>> FireDAY : application for dailies management https://fireflycinema.com/color-grading-solutions/fireday-digital-dailies-management/ >>> FirePOST : High quality color grading software https://fireflycinema.com/color-grading-solutions/fireday-digital-dailies-management/ >>> FirePLAY : player universel et gratuit (free download) https://fireflycinema.com/color-grading-solutions/fireplay-free-raw-player/ >>> FireVISION : web app collaborative plateform to share your videos from set with your team http://www.firevision.io More...
United States
Sicklerville New Jersey, United States
Online Video Platform     Video Marketing     Pro Video
Nationwide Community TV on www.Community.video Featuring Regional Events, News and Special Interest Stories about your community and places you’d like to visit… Search by State, Town and Keyword for informative video clips featuring community information, shopping, travel and more… Places to Go ??" Things to See and Do… Community.video presents video clips featuring information on local happenings, events, landmarks, attractions, shopping, restaurants and tourism. Users can search for clips by Town, State, Zip Code, Name and Keyword ??" making it easy to find interesting video clips about your local community or a place you’re planning to visit. More...