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Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile
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Cameraman / DOP from Santiago de Chile, 11 years of experience in the business, working in corporates, commercials and narrative projects. based in Santiago de Chile I offer crew service for small productions: Steadicam operator, aerial shots, soundman, lighting technicians, fixers, producers. I own the following gears: cameras: Red Epic Dragon X, Sony A7s, Canon 5d Mark3, Blackmagic 2.5k, Panasonic AF100 lenses: Canon CNE set 24mm,35mm,50mm,85mm,135mm Zeiss ZF.2 set: 18mm,25mm,35mm,50mm,85mm Nikon AIS: 24mm,35mm,50mm,85mm camera grip: Freefly Movi M10 gymbal, Steadicam Pilot, Glidecam Camcrane 200 with vista HD remote head Lighting:Coollights HMI 1,2k par, Coollights HMI 575w fresnel, Kinoflo Vista beam More...