Media Professionals in Georgia

Services Offered : Georgia (3)
Tbilisi Qvemo qartli, Georgia
Motion Graphics     Animation-Modeling-Texture     3D Animation
CG Generalist Freelancer Date: June 2009 More...
Tbilisi Republic of Georgia, Georgia
3D Animation     Animation-Modeling-Texture     2D Animation
1990 -1992 worked in "Georgian Film" animation studio "ORBI"-"Mdzletamdzle","Get Off Of My Cloud" dir.A.Isiani-animator by contract. 1992 (June)-1996(May); 1997(June)-1999 (April) - "Georgian Film" animation studio "KVALI"-"Confession"-dir.R.Naneishvili-animator by contract. 1996 (August)-1997 (April) :studio "VARGA" Budapest-" Percy the Park Keeper" animation TV series.Producer:Grand Slamm for HIT Entertainment.dir.G.Gibbons.-animator by contract. 1999 (April-August): animation studio "PILOT" Moscow -"Mike, Lu & Og" Cartoon Network series.Created by M.Shindel, M.Aldashin, C.Swenson-animator by contract. 2000-2001: studio "VASHA"(Georgia) - "Darduballa" TV series-Character designer and animator. 2001-2002: broadcasting company Rustavi-2(Georgia)-"Chveni Ezo"-TV series-Character designer and animator. 2004-2007:broadcasting company "Mze"(Georgia) - Character designer & animator by contract 2007-2008 advertising company "Sarke" / More...
Tbilisi Tbilisi, Georgia
Business Consulting and Planning
2014-Present Director Homes4Africa LLC 2015- Present Social Marketer Advertwise (Landmine Goes Click) 2012-2014 Georgian Properties 2010-2012 Director Bolton Linux More...