Media Professionals in Iceland

Services Offered : Iceland (4)
Reykjavik 101, Iceland
Film Editing     Post Visual FX
Helena’s Flushing - Assistant Director Worked as Assistant Director to a cast a crew of over 50 people . Familiar with how to over see a set along with call sheets and day by day planning. Shirley (Cannes Short Film Corner) (Second Place in Icelandic National Film Festival) Worked as Editor of both video and Sound on this short which was featured in Cannes short film corner and also won second place in stuttmynd dagar i reykjavik 2011 (Icelandic National Film Festival). Miss Vesela (Documentary by Anne Svejgard Lund) Worked recording sound for a Documentary about a Czech beauty competition. More...
Reykjavik Iceland
I'm a freelance editor and work for individuals as well as organizations and companies I can also do other postproduction work such as sounds, graphics and color corrections. I life and work in Iceland but can easely work for companies from all over the world from home. More...
Reykjavik Gullbringusysla, Iceland
Film Production
in film-production for past six years. More...
Budardalur Dalabyggd, Iceland
Film Editing     Film Production
I've worked as an editor since 2003, on documentaries, feature films, advertisements and promotional videos. I most recently edited web based ads for AirBnB that were shot here in Iceland. I've also been working as a DIT here in Iceland for the past 5 years. More...