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Vientiane Lao PDR, Laos
Full Service Video Production     HD Post Production     Stock Footage
- UAM (Madrid. 1.975-1.980) : School of Laws - CEV (Madrid. 1983-1.984): Video Production. 1' Editing. - Media Production Services (Brixton. 1.985): Video Production & Post. More...
Vientiane Laos
Full Service Video Production     3D Animation     Director of Photography
Patoo Industries - Director Lao Art Media - Creative Director VER AVHQ AVW-TELAV Divergence Productions More...
Vientiane Vientiane Capital, Laos
Full Production Services     Full Service Video Production     Rentals
Lao New Wave Cinema Productions is a film production company co-founded by a collective of film-makers residing in Laos. Our primary aim is to change the face of the Lao movie industry to reflect current trends and ideas. Some of us are native to this country, and some are not, but our common passion is to produce quality images and stories. Secondly, in order to survive in the business world, we aim to expand our products and services to cover more than just our own movie projects. We will offer our technical expertise and inside knowledge of Laos and its More...