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Nashville, Tennessee - United States

Demo Reel:
Reel 1 - Music Production - (EDM) H.264
Here are 5 examples of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) genres I produced as part of my Master's thesis for M.T.S.U.

They are Remix, Trance, House, Dubstep, and Drum and Bass.

All work was done by myself using Logic Pro, Pro Tools, and Ableton LIVE... more

Experience• Formally trained and proficient in a broad array of applied media projects: Field and Studio Audio Recording; Field and Studio Video Production

• Specializing in: Sound Design, ADR, Foley, Digital Editing, Syncing, Voice Over, Music FX Editing, Sound FX, Atmos, Post Production, Portable Recording, 5.1 Surround Sound, Sweetening, Tracking, Editing, Pocketing, Tuning, Producing, Mixing, Remixing, Beats, Loops, Mastering
EducationMiddle Tennessee State University
SpecialityRick Ross, engineer with indepently owned studio, available for remote work/digital transfer

B.A. (New Media Technology), M.F.A. (Recording Arts & Technologies), Audio/Video Engineer, DJ, Producer

Software including: Avid Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Final Cut Pro, Ableton LIVE

Interests including: sound design, Foley, ADR, mixing, sweetening, post production
Hardware ProficiencyAPI/SSL consoles, Euphonix, Maschine
Software Proficiency• Software versatility: PC and Mac operating systems; Pro Tools HD; Final Cut Pro; Logic Pro; Ableton LIVE; Digital Performer; FL Studio; Soundtrack Pro; DVD Studio Pro; Sony Vegas Pro; Audacity; Sony ACID/SoundForge; Microsoft Office; Adobe CS; Max/MSP/Jitter; SuperCollider

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Submitted by on Jun 3, 2013
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Nashville, Tennessee - United States

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