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I am a currently retired engineer and photographer with 32 years of experience as an aero-mechanical engineer, program manager and graphic artist. I am seeking full time or part time employment in a position that provides aesthetic challenges and satisfaction. During the past 35 years I have also conducted a self owned business in digital fine art production. Capabilities include computer fluency in Microsoft and Microsoft business software. I have assembled numerous high performance computer systems for the digital acquisition and processing of digital imagery. I have 25 years of experience with CAD, including Solidworks, Autocad, and Unigraphics. I am fluent with computer workstation and PC environments, fluent in several computer operating systems, including UNIX, MacOS and MS-Windows. I am an experienced technical writer and speaker, having worked with both commercial and government sponsored programs.

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Photographer/Videographer/Audio Engineer Self Employed
January 1990-Present
Experienced with digital image acquisition for graphic arts and audio engineering for entertainment industry. Currently own and manage home digital video/audio/graphic arts studio and business. I have recorded numerous local artists, edited and produced music CD’s and DVD’s. I have had my works presented at several galleries, including Hubbard Museum of the American West(Ruidoso, NM) and UNDER THE CONE Gallery in Santa Cruz, California.

Lead Mechanical Engineer Boeing-SVS, Inc.
April 2001
EducationBS/MS Mechanical Engineering-University of Arizona

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1000 cordova pl #202 - Santa Fe, New Mexico - 87505 - United States

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