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To whom it may concern:

My name is Kenneth Au and I would like to introduce my services to you and your company. With over 25 years in post-production industry I’m confident I can take care of your necessity in the area of visual effects, graphics & animation and sound. Just about every project these days from mainstream & indie films, to TV shows or web programming requires some form of effects to either correct what was shot or enhance the actual photography. You may also need a title introduction for a show or film as well some creative end credits. I can offer a wide range of creative services with the most competitive budget. Please refer to my site for more details .

Currently, I’m working as a VFX Supervisor, VFX producer and Creative Director. My production team is located in Mexico and the Philippines. I have a globe clientele from U.S., Mexico, Dominican Republic, Turkey, Hong Kong, Beijing and the Philippines. I’ve even produced my own indie film ‘Island Dreams’ and finished the VFX and color grading. No project is too big. It could be one shot or four hundred shots with my pass experiences working in one of the top VFX studios in the world, Rhythm & Hues Studios, I have the know-how to produce or supervise such projects. I’ve also worked onset for Hollywood and other top film companies handling CGI, motion control and major battle sequences. Rest assure we produce Hollywood quality productions. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!

Best regards,

Kenneth Au

VFX Supervisor/Producer
Creative Director

Demo Reel:
VFX Demo Reel
Compilation of various VFX shots from over the years. Currently skill in Nuke, VFX Supervisor, VFX Producer and Indie Film Producer.... more

ExperienceI have over 20 years of experience in visual effects for feature films. Currently I'm available for work as a vfx supervisor for onset production as well in studio. I'm also a producer for an upcoming indie film created by me which is in post-production now.
EducationPratt Institute
BFA, Computer Graphics
February 1986
SpecialityVFX Supervisor, VFX Producer, Creative Director, VR (stitching 360 & clean up)
Software ProficiencyNuke, Maya, 3D Max, Premiere Pro, Resolve, AVP, APG, Skybox, Cara VR

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Submitted by on Jul 9, 2013
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Los Angeles, California - United States

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