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ExperienceInvisual Digital(TM) is a Trade Mark of Video Arts Systems & Technology, Inc., a New Jersey corporation (since 1991) and a digital media production company. Nicholas G. Koontz, its CEO, is a production professional with producing and directing credits in theatre, television, film and digital media. Among his many projects, his resume lists Equity and regional stage shows, a cable series for SportsChannel, Director of Photography for Independent film and contributing his creative and technical skills to countless projects for clients.

Nick has also served as a freelance director and camera operator for various companies. He regularly works for Staging Techniques Inc. (NYC) and has also worked for Michael Andrews AV Services, Inc. (NYC). Most recently, he was part of the camera crew that shot a special for the Showtime cable network of comedy talent Joe Piscopo at Club Piscopo, Resorts Casino, Atlantic City, NJ, for Metamorphic Films and Management LLC, Los Angeles, CA.

Other notable freelance events he's covered over the last few years include various programs for the Metropolitan Opera Guild, such as the "Met Mastersingers' Series," which has featured such outstanding artists as Renee' Fleming and Joan Sutherland, to name two, as well as their Pavarotti Tribute, of a few years ago. In addition, he's also covered events such as The Best of The Children's Book Awards 2011, and the Toy Of The Year Awards 2010 at Pier 60, which featured Lifetime Achievement Award recipients John Lassiter of Pixar and, postumously, Sam Walton of WalMart fame. Other freelance assignments have included numerous Microsoft PR and corporate presentations throughout the years, including the recent Microsoft Imagination Cup Awards at the Marquis Hotel (NYC) and, previously, the Microsoft Vista release at the Nokia Theatre (NYC), which featured Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. Major and diverse industry and cultural presentations he's also covered in New York City include the Infinity Awards (sole camera) for the International Center of Photography(ICP), 2008 thru 2013, which have featured such notable recipients as Diane Keaton, Annie Leibovitz and, most recently, Jeff Bridges.

Experienced in producing and directing numerous theatre and stage productions, a host of live multi-camera productions, and other technically challenging types of projects, such as those incorporating green/blue screen techniques, Nick's wide range of experience also encompasses the practical use of numerous camera types, formats, models and set-ups, along with a full compliment of studio and field production equipment and gear. Some of this equipment and components can be seen on the Equipment & Resources page of this web site.

As a digital media expert, he has consulted for numerous companies and institutions, configuring and troubleshooting numerous types of computer production systems and providing training on those systems for the Sony National Training Center, Princeton University, AT&T, the City of Philadelphia's Office of Cable Television, DuPont, Connoco Oil, Comcast Cable, and many others. His production skills have enhanced commercially produced CD-ROM titles such as "The Amistad Incident," "Norman Rockwell: The Man & His Art," "Tall Ships - Opsail 2000," to name a few, for publisher Cinegram Media Inc., and he has authored DVD masters for clients, and the clients of a major DVD replicators/duplicators. He is fluent in the latest distribution methods and techniques for digital media on the Internet and for mobile applications. To see some samples of projects and a variety of clips from his voluminous reel, please go to the Media & Reels link on his web site - A copy of his resume is available upon request.
EducationB.A Theatre Arts (Acting/Directing), English, Music, Art minors, Webster University, St. Louis, MO (1968-1972)
SpecialityProducer / Director / DP / Post: Creative Technologist, understanding all phases of production. HD video and digital media production, DVD/Blu-Ray authoring, digital media distribution, green/blue screen production techniques. Works freelance, as well.
Hardware ProficiencyPlays nice with all equipment. (Camera Operator, Editor, Graphic & Motion Graphic Designer)
Software ProficiencyPC based, Adobe CS6 & CC.

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