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Prevalent Entertainment Animation-Modeling-Texture

Prevalent Entertainment Animation-Modeling-Texture


4952 S. Rainbow Blvd #164 - Las Vegas, Nevada - 89118 - United States

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Robert D. Hanna: 3D Artist 3D Generalist
Showreel demonstrating results in 3D Artistry, including modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting and animation. ... more

ExperienceI run Prevalent Entertainment, Inc., where I produce, animate and edit successful CG Animated Feature Films, Live Action Films and Multimedia Content. My newest film LIFE’S A JUNGLE is now in worldwide distribution. Our previous animated feature, THE PRODIGY was also released worldwide through Phase 4 Films. I am currently finishing up quality work as the head of Animation and Animatics Editor on the film WHITESHOE for the acclaimed film director Mauro Borelli.

I’ve obtained time tested skills with Editorial coupled with the strongest pipeline of technology. I am excellent with using top industry software packages to edit together compelling cinematics, promotional trailers, TV shows and entire feature films. I am highly skilled with Avid, Final Cut Pro, After Effects and Premiere. I also have extensive experience in 3D Animation and Motion Graphics.

I have a very qualified background, having worked on SHREK, MADAGASCAR, OVER THE HEDGE and more films while at DreamWorks for 7 years, and I was a project manager at Walt Disney Studios. My organizational and leadership skills serve me well when I need to track hundreds of assets, video clips, sound effects and music cues. I know how to adhere to detailed project schedules and communicate effectively and respectfully with members of the team.
EducationUCLA - Particle Physics, Acoustics, Optics
De Anza College - Drafting, Engineering, Computer Programming
Gnomon Workshop - Modeling,Animation and Rigging
DreamWorks Training - Maya, 3D Studio Max, AVID/Final Cut Pro Editing, After Effects
Speciality* 3D Artist Modeler: Mesh Modeling (Organic/Hard Surface), Mudbox to Maya Workflow, Sculptris, ZBrush, Hi to Low Poly, UV Layout Pro, Retopology, TopoGun, Texture Painting, Mari, Texture Maps with Photoshop & Mudbox: Normal, Disp, Bump, Specular Maps, nDo2, xNormal, Shader Networks
* Animator: Expertise with Maya and 3D Studio Max in all forms of Animation: Technical and Character Animation, Keyframe and Motion Capture, Blendshapes and Lip Sync Animation, Camera Movement, Graph Editor, Motion Re-Targeting, Motion Builder, Motion Mixer, VFX, Quadruped/Creature/Vehicle Animation, MEL/Max Scripting, Unity 3D, UDK, UE4, Kismet.
* Film and Video Editor: AVID, Final Cut Pro, Expert with After Effects, Adobe Premier, Combustion, Particle Illusion, Maya and 3DS Max visual effects, Sound Design, Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Color Correction, Shot Transition Proficiency, Music Post Production.
* Rigging Specialization: Biped, Quadraped, Creature, and Vehicle Rigging. Forward and Inverse Bone Kinematics, Rotation Axis Alignment, Set Driven Key and Connection Editor Controls, Paint Skin Weights Tool, Deformers, Spline IK, Blendshapes, Joint Constraints, Controls, Maya Muscle.
* CG Generalist: Lighting and Shadows, Global Illumination, Rendering, Mental Ray, V-Ray, Compositing render layers, Visual FX, DMM, Particle & Fluid Dynamics, Import/Export Expertise.
* Videography: High Def and Film camera operator, Three Point Lighting Expertise, Film Producer and Director, Footage Digitization into Editorial Software, Television and Cinema Historian.
Motion Graphics: Video text, 3D Text, Compositing, Visual Effects, Graphics
* Multimedia: Digitizing footage, organizing clips, exporting movie files, DVD and Blu-Ray Authoring, tape dubbing, video formats for the web, compression codecs, digital archiving.
* Sound Designer: Audio editing and sweetening with Pro Tools, Logic Audio, Audio Mastering.
Hardware ProficiencyRender Farm construction and maintenance, Networking Systems Administration, PC System Construction: Assembly and Support of CPU, Motherboard, DDR RAM, Hard drives and DVD Burners on SATA controllers, Open GL 3D PCIe Video Cards, RAID installation for AVID. Avid and Final Cut Studio editing bay construction and operation, FireWire, eSATA setup. ProTools, Logic Audio MIDI production setup and operation. Mic preamps, audio mixing console, audio outboard effects gear
Software ProficiencyMaya, 3DS Max, Mudbox, Sculptris, After Effects, Fusion and Nuke Compositing, Unity 3D, Unreal DK, UI Developer, RealFlow, Particle Illusion, ProTools, Logic Audio, Reason, SoundForge, Avid, Final Cut Studio with Motion, AutoCAD, Final Draft, MS Office, OmniPage Pro, SQL, Filemaker Pro, DVD Authoring using DVD Studio Pro,Roxio Easy Media Creator, Nero, Toast, iDVD, Windows 7/XP, Windows Server, Mac OS, TCP/IP,

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4952 S. Rainbow Blvd #164 - Las Vegas, Nevada - 89118 - United States

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