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Rios Visuals Motion Graphics

Rios Visuals Motion Graphics

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5465 Decatur Street - Orlando, Florida - 32807 - United States

Creating visuals whether done alone or with a team, one thing is constant. Making something that leaves the audience in awe. I hope to hear from you soon.

Demo Reel:
Rios Visuals Demo Reel 2013
A compilation of VFX, 3D, and Motion Graphics that I've worked on the past 2 years.... more

ExperienceLast Resort Ideas

VFX Artist for “The Chronicles of Alexander Hawthorne“
Pre production: Collaborated with the Director and Writers to create
ideas for various characters with different powers.
Post Production: After shooting, I was delivered the raw shots via
Dropbox to edit them and apply VFX with After Effects, 3DS Max, and

Shadocon 2013

VFX Artist and Video Editor for the “Final Fantasy Ball“ Main Event
Pre production: I researched video game characters and how their
effects would translate from game to live action video.
Post Production: Raw shots were edited with Premiere and VFX with
After Effects, and color edited with Magic Bullet Look.


Motion Designer and Video Editor for "AFLAC Ignite The Passion"
Pre production: Given a lot of free range for this, I creat3ed a meteor
in 3D and had it rotate and release flames to a selected song. This includes
breaking a 3D object into pieces and have them flying and moving
to the music.
Post Production: The video was played on large screens during the
event and video was shot at the event. I was given all the footage and
edited it together to be posted on YouTube.

This is just a small piece, other of my works can be found on my website:
EducationFull Sail University, Winter Park, Florida

Bachelor of Science Degree in Digital Arts and Design
SpecialityVisual Effects, Motion Graphics, Video Editing, and Graphic Design
Hardware ProficiencyWindows and Mac compatible
Software ProficiencyThe Adobe Creative Suite
Final Cut Pro
3DS Max
Sony Acid 7.0

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5465 Decatur Street - Orlando, Florida - 32807 - United States

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