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2193 Amber Creek Trail - Buford, Georgia - 30519 - United States

We produce spectacular video and audio - Video that communicates, sells, trains. See my reel: or go to my website at

We own and operate our own 24 foot camera crane, Dolly, Lighting equipment, 3 Sony HD cameras, and much, much more.


9, Matthews Rocky Mountain C-stands with grip arms and grip heads
10 Flag kit of various sizes from 4'x4' to 18"x24"
3, Flexfill expandable reflectors
3, MSE Baby Plates with 5/8 " studs
6, MAFER clamps with 5/8" studs
10, sandbags
1, 10 x 20 muslin green screen
20, spring clips

1, 5-light Lowel Tota Light kit with 5 umbrellas and 5 Matthews stands

1, 300 watt fresnel
2, 650 watt fresnels
1, 1000 watt ARRI light with Chimera

3, Carbon Fiber 300 watt Impact spot light with barn doors
4, Desisti 1000 watt Fresnels
2, Altman 1500 watt Softlights with Egg Crates
2, 1000 watt Open-face with barndoors
2, 1000 watt portable dimmers

Over 16,000 watts are on the production trailer.

Numerous power cables

1, 3.5 x 5 ride- on dolly (picture attached) $50 per day
1, Camera Crane and motorhead - crane can be configured for 12',18',24' (picture attached)
1, Ultra heavy duty Lynx Tripod rated at 2500 lb. with Mitchell riser head. Intended for use with camera crane but can be used with simple tripod head.
2, Manfrotto 3066 Fluid head, bowl leveled, tripod suitable for teleprompter and/or jib arm with wheeled dolly
1, Manfrotto 501 Fluid head, bowl leveled, tripod and spreader
1, Manfrotto 501 Fluid head with lightweight tripod

2, Rode NTG3 overhead shotgun microphones
1, Sennheiser portable wireless lavaliere system
2, Sennheiser wireless lavaliere base stations and 2, lavaliere microphones
3, Shure FP410 Intelligent automatic microphone mixers (total 12 channels)
1, R24 Digital Audio Recorder/mixer (8 separate channels recorded) with 6 phantom-powered inputs.
1, 9 foot alumapole audio boom pole
1, 12 foot alumapole audio boom pole
1, 12 foot LTM aluminum boom pole
1, 8 foot carbon fiber audio boom pole
2, Shure Beta 87 microphones and clips
2, Rode NT1A microphones
1, MP2 direct box
2, Rolls MS20C audio splitter/combiner/isolator
4, UHF walkie-talkie
1, Electrovoice RE20 Microphone
1, Sennheiser 835 microphone
2, ADK SC1 condenser microphones
2, AKG D-130 microphones
2, Rode NTG3 shotgun microphones and wind screens
1, Audio Technica 835B shotgun microphone
2, Fostex portable audio monitors


Three Sony HD cameras
3, Blackmagic Uncompressed Video Recorders (4 hours record time)
1, Matte Box with filter set and Follow Focus
1, Canon DSLR with 7D sensor and matte box.
2, On-camera teleprompters, interview style prompters
4, HD monitors

Dolly and Camera Crane can be configured for 12' Jib arm, 18' and 24' crane lengths. Can also carry Hollywood receiver or 5/8" mounts for lofting lighting to speed production set-ups.
Experienceover 500 films for broadcast, corporate and documentary use.
EducationUniversity of Georgia. Marketing major.
Hardware ProficiencyBlackmagic Cinema Camera
Sony HD Cameras
Lighting Grip
Software ProficiencyFinal Cut
Final Cut X
After EFX
Adobe Creative Suite
Lots more

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2193 Amber Creek Trail - Buford, Georgia - 30519 - United States

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