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Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh - 520003 - India

ExperienceWork History:
In Brief: My name is Pradeep Kumar Katta, and I am a “Character Rigger TD”. I have been working in the Animation/VFX/Gaming industry as a Rigging Artist since 2008 and I had gained over 6+ years of experience as a Rigging Artist and 2 years of experience as a Software Engineer. In total, I had gained over 8+ years of work experience. At present, I am working as a Freelancer.

Studio Work Experience
Character Rigger TD 2012 (Jan)
SpecialityProfessional Summary:
• Experience in constructing character rigs and animation interfaces, and establishing muscle and skin behaviors which range from broad squash and stretch to more realistic.
• Using and Writing Mel Scripts, Python Scripts, Maya Expressions and plug-ins in Maya C++ API to develop custom tools.
• Strong knowledge and execution of the animation principles.
• Solid understanding of the production processes and pipelines of CG Animation.
• Strong foundation in Mathematics, Physics, Programming, Computer Science & Engineering Aspects.
• Solving technical pipeline and production problems through development and adaptation of tools to support artistic endeavors.
Software ProficiencyTechnical Skills:
3D Software Package’s : Maya / 3ds Max / Softimage / Houdini / Motion Builder / Massive
/ Blender / Lightwave 3D.
Game Engines : Panda3D / Unity
Graphics Designing : Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator / Corel Draw
Video Compositing / Editing : After Effects / Premiere Pro
Sound Editing Software’s : Soundbooth / Sound Forge
Scripting Languages : MEL / Python Script / MaxScript / JavaScript / VBscript
Programming Languages : C / C++ / Python / Java / Perl
IDE’s : Visual Studios / Code::Blocks / PyPE / IDLE / Edit Plus
Platforms : Windows OS x86 - x64 / Unix / Linux /

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Submitted by on Jan 5, 2014
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Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh - 520003 - India

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