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ExperienceDeveloped, Keywords, uTRANSCRIBE.TV and our latest uSubtitle.TV.

KEYWORDS, a metadata generating system, allows video to be searched via keywords. Timed indexes, speech to text metadata from stored or streaming audio/video files are all part of what makes KEYWORDS a functional solution for the client.

uSubtitle.TV solves frustrations with manual transcriptions. A user-friendly process generates text and timing from English or Spanish language video and audio files. A convenient edit application allows a user the ability to perfect the returned transcription and timing. uSubtitle.TV brings ease to the transcription process.

uTranscribe.TV. This product manually transcribes and allows for closed captioning. uTranscribe.TV is geared for content creators such as YouTubers who desire to take control of the process but who are willing to time stamp and type out their own transcriptions which are automated through uSubtitle.TV.
EducationTwenty six year seasoned professional of broadcast, production, and post-production services. Developer of workflow and media centric software solutions. Operator and manager of a diverse and international client portfolio, which has included clients as Sony Music, Epic Records, Columbia Records, Curb Records, MTV, VH1, The Walt Disney Company, Twentieth Century Fox, Herbalife International, and Universal Music Group.

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Woodland Hills, California - 91367 - United States

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