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The Zion Method Performing Arts Academy, Inc. was established in April 2003. It’s President and founder, LaJune Wise-Wilkerson, M.F.A., D.Div. has been developing and perfecting the Zion Method since 1981. The Zion Method P.A. is a non-profit organization that exists to create and design a variety of dance, dramatic arts, theater, performance, technique, pedagogy, dance and art therapy with outreach programs that help our nation’s youth. Moreover, under the Zion Method philosophy we are philanthropist through the arts, bringing awareness and prevention to all communities on human sorrows that plague so many people. We have performed and demonstrated such topics as, HIV Aids Awareness, Child Pornography and Child slavery, and Global Healing to name just a few. Under the recent research of Dr. LaJune Wise,(Spiritual Metaphysician) we are currently exploring holistic healing for a variety of spiritual, psychological, emotional and physiological concerns. As an umbrella under Zion Method is the Neo Genesis Gatherings. This portion specializes in consultations on a variety of levels to include conflict resolution, crisis intervention and special seminars in process theology and paranormal sciences.
The Zion Method as a performing arts form embodies an ideology and methodology that incorporates and fuses a variety of dance techniques and powerfully blends them with all other forms of movement. This method celebrates wondrous beauty with artistic movement styles interpreted in various dance, martial arts, dance drama, storytelling, theory, history and other performance genre.

Neo Genesis Book I and II- Revelations of the Wise Theory
Dr. LaJune Wise Waterfall-© Outskirts Press- 2012

For references please feel free to contact:

Dr. Jane Gates
Provost/Vice President of Western Connecticut State University
(203) 837-8400,

Dr. April Gentry
Director- Center for Academic Success, Associate Professor, English
(912) 358-3488,

Ms. Elise Dagley, M.A.
CFO of Zion Method PA Academy, Inc., Psychology/Child Advocacy
(912) 604-5239

Professor Teresa Michelle Walker
Assistant Professor of Theater, Publicist, Events Management
(912) 678-9503

ExperienceView work at:

Senior Executive Professional Experience
Neo Genesis Consultation: President, Founder -October 2010
• Life Coach-Conflict Resolution-Crisis Intervention
• Health and Wellness facilitator, Seminar Facilitator
• Teacher of Process Theology and Paranormal Studies
• Metaphysician

Zion Method Performing Arts Academy, Inc.
Education• University of Phoenix-Faculty Certification-April 2011
• Interfaith Seminary - Doctor of Divinity- Highest Honors-July 21, 2010
• Interfaith Seminary- Honorary Post Graduate Fellow- April 12, 2012
• Interfaith Seminary- Honorary Professor- April 12, 2004
• Savannah College of Art and Design- Presidential Scholarship
• Master of Fine Arts School of Media and Performing Arts-Honors- August 26, 2004
• American Taekwondo Academy, First Degree Black Belt-2005
• Templeton Prize Nominee-2010
Ordained Minister- 2002
SpecialityArtistic Direction Professional Experience
Concert Performance, Pedagogy, Choreography, Composition
• Zion Method Performing Arts Academy, Inc.
• Black Diamond Dance Ensemble
• SCAD Dance Theater Company
• Savannah High School- Royal Dance Ensemble
Academic Performance Teaching Experience
 University of Phoenix, May 2011- Present
 Savannah State University- August 2008- January 2013- Faculty
 Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)-First Dance Faculty, 2000-2006
 Savannah High School magnet program
 Savannah Arts Academy, 1993-1998 and 1998-2000 respectively
 Shuman Middle School/Tompkins Middle School (magnet programs) 1995-1999
 Parent and Child Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten-1990-1994

Outline of Duties Include:
Academic Advisor
 Developed/Teach classes in the Theater/ Dance Concentration & Dance Minor
 Modern Dance Performance- (Intro, Intermediate, Advanced)
 Performance in Dance- All levels
 Dance Anthropology
 World Mythology
 Humanities
 Dance Composition
 Interpretive Dance
 Somatic Dance
 Dance Theory
 Theater Movement
 Dance Fundamentals
 Concert Composition and Choreography
 Combat Choreography
 Acrobatics/Specialty Performance Genres
 Dramatization (characterization, storytelling, acting)
 Audition Technique
 Pedagogy
Hardware ProficiencyWord programs and operations

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1906 Sawfish Drive - Poinciana, Florida - 34759 - United States

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