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Minneapolis, Minnesota - 55408 - United States

ExperienceI have worked in audio for all of my adult life doing music composition, audio editing, audio engineering, general production (including billing, scheduling) and pretty much anything else that involves audio. I have done work for Target, Macy's, JC Penny, H&R Block, Best Buy, Office Max, and several others.

I have worked in studios for most of my career [Modern Music (Fischer Edit), Uproar Music and Sound, Rumble Music LLC] but have decided to take my talents to my house (freelancing).
EducationI graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BA in Economics, and started working in audio immediately after college because I hated economics. I have recently worked at..

- Modern Music (Fischer Edit)
- Uproar Music and Sound
- Rumble Music LLC

Like a lot of people in the audio and music world, I did not attend any formal institutes for music or recording, but have been working in audio for the better part of a decade, and I can guarantee the quality of my work against anyone.

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Submitted by on Jan 29, 2014
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Minneapolis, Minnesota - 55408 - United States

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