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Director of Photography

Kansas City, Missouri - United States

Gear at disposal: 2 Canon C300s with Canon L series Zooms and 50mm prime, 45mm TS, 100mm Macro. With Zuccuto shoulder rig, as well as O'connor 1030d and Miller sticks. And Kellser Cine slider.

Demo Reel:
Narrative Reel-2014
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ExperienceI have over ten years of production experience. My introduction to production started at a regional production house in Virginia called VPS studios. I shot and edited in an industry standard environment, which enabled me to become proficient in wide range of production skills. I’m proficient to handle any contracting production needs from major companies to small individual clients.
EducationESPN, NBC Sports, National Geographic, John Deere,
SpikeTV, Google, GodTV, NASCAR, Time Warner,
Salvation Army, Metro Sports, Advance Auto Parts,
Flower, Nefarious-Merchant of Souls, Creasy, Lucky
65, T2/Back Alley Films, Outpost Productions,
Harvest Productions.
SpecialityJib Operator and Open Water SCUBA certified
Hardware ProficiencyCanon EOS Cinema Cameras as well DSLRs, Sony FS700, RED One, Scarlet and Epic, Panasonic HPX and Varicam series, Grassvalley,
Software ProficiencyAdobe Production Suite CS6 and Final Cut

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Submitted by on Feb 19, 2014
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Kansas City, Missouri - United States

Cinematography   •   Director of Photography
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