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Greater Los Angeles Area, California - 91402 - United States

ExperienceAtlas Digital 07/2015 to present
Freelance video Engineer

Brought on board to oversee the installation/reconstruction of new/existing Edit Bays located at the Oprah Winfrey Network. This consisted of new design layouts, wire identification documentation and labeling, and accessing new equipment needs. The plan was to take one design and deploy it to all of the six new Avid Edit Bays and after, redesign the seven existing bays accordingly. That way I ensured conformity across all Edit rooms to ease with any future engineering or trouble shooting. I also was tasked with redesigning the Media Lab workstations (ingest, output, and conforming systems) from isolated stations to incorporating them into an environment where all stations are on house reference (which I also had to design and build for the facility), can access multiple VTR’s, and be able to route their signals according to their need. This ensured stability across multiple platforms and made it more streamlined for the assistant editors to share footage and perform their jobs more efficiently.

ABS Internet, 02/2014 to 03/2015
On-site AudioVideo Engineer for Legendary Pictures Burbank, CA.

Hired to run the Main Screening Room at the headquarters of Legendary Pictures in Burbank, CA.
Preformed weekly color calibration and check out of main screening room projector along with tracking calibration information. Tracked all projector presets and configurations for the Christie projector and for the Crestron router software. Maintained and kept clean all equipment, equipment racks, projector room, and Main Screening Room. Assisted the Marketing Department with special presentations and screenings using different combinations of DCP’s along with Quicktime files or running Avid Media Composer and/or Final Cut along with switching between the different sources according to the playlist. Loaded onto the Dolby DS200 Server DCP’s, KDM’s, and any current Legendary Trailers for screenings and presentations. Maintained and updated when needed the Dolby Server software and other equipment (router control touch-pads, CPU software, etc…). Handled requests that come in for the Screening Room and clarified any issues i.e. what’s to be shown, do we have the material?, etc. Updated the Main Screening Room Calendar and Event Boards. Point out and make aware any issues with the material being screened (video or sound issues). Stay on top of and follow up with any maintenance calls and/or RMA’s. Developed companywide color calibration SOP’s with critical monitors at Legendary Burbank and their sister companies in and around the Los Angeles area.

DirecTV, El Segundo, CA. 02/2013 to 02/2014
Broadcast Engineer - BSE Test Labs (Contractor)

Hired to oversee the reconstruction of the Broadcast Services Continental U.S. Test Lab located in El Segundo, CA. Worked closely with the Project Manger overseeing the installation crew (National Teleconsultants), tracking and demolition of damaged equipment and racks, recommending equipment for replacement, and tracking new equipment from purchasing to rack installation. Installed OS on video servers when needed and preformed all configurations of the KVM system and IP assignments for any needed connections. Contract was extended so I can assist in ongoing equipment installations and purchases along with maintaining the integrity of the new rebuild as different departments perform their various tests and daily functions.

Key Code Media, Burbank, CA. 11/2012 to 02/2014
Freelance Installation Engineer

Hired as an as needed engineer traveling to different client locations for installations, consultations, and integrations of Non-linear edit systems, video, and audio equipment for the broadcast and post production environments.

Encompass Digital Media Inc. Los Angeles, CA. 01/2012 to 08/2012
Freelance Broadcast Engineer

I was brought on to help with the day to day operations of the facility. Assisted with client authorizations for the Hallmark Channel, Universal Sports, Playboy, TV Guide, and the Game Show Network on Cisco and Motorola systems. Installation and setup of IRT's and IRD's, Logo inserters, closed caption inserters, and general support equipment. Also helped with production setups for the Tavis Smiley Show (camera setup, audio board and video switcher setup, RTS, and Final Cut) and Playboy Radio (microphone setup, and radio board setup). I also assisted with internet and mobile television broadcasting and setup for content distribution for Avail TVN.

Grass Valley USA, LLC, Nevada City, CA 09/2010 to 07/2011
Field Service Engineer

I was hired as a West Coast Field Service Engineer based out of Burbank, CA. concentrating on new installs for video switchers, K2 Summit video servers and the Dyno Replay Server. I was trained on the installation and operation for the Kayenne and Kyack Video switchers and the K2 Summit video server and Dyno replay systems. Commissioned Kayenne switchers at CBS Television City, Trinity Broadcast Network, and Fox Sports in Dallas. Commissioned Kyack Switchers at KVCR San Bernardino, and Sam's Club TV in Bentonville, Arkansas. Assisted with the setup of the K2 Systems at Trinity Broadcast, Direct TV, and commissioned a Dyno Replay system for Key Code Media. In March of 2011 I was sent to CBS Television City in Hollywood for an emergency. The client had just received their new Kayenne system and it appeared the cargo boxes had gone through some rough patches during transport. I rushed down there, inspected the boxes and decided the best course of action would be to unpack the frame and CPU, connect then up, turn them on, and do some preliminary testing. All systems checked out. I left the client with the plan to come out and do the install when they have the room ready and the switcher placed in the proper spot. By the time I got back to the Burbank office, word had gotten around from the client about how impressed they were with our prompt response and was very re-assured about the status of the gear. In May of 2011 I was tasked with becoming more then just a Field Service Engineer. They wanted me to work more with the local sales office and clients for input and to help the customers understand the equipment and how to operate it. As time went on, I started building a relationship with the sales team and was taking customer calls for service. Soon after, I was assigned to go commission a loaner Kayenne switcher system and a Clipstore for Cameron/Pace in Burbank, CA.. The intention was to help the sales department impress the client on the 3D capabilities and the ease and use of the switcher. It was used in a remote truck, for a line cut, on a popular Fox show. During IBC 2011, it was announced that Grass Valley and Cameron/Pace had signed a deal to work together on collaborative efforts for the future of 3D broadcast. On one occasion, over the weekend, I had to go to CBS Radford Studios for an emergency. Because I was local and available I was able to go to the customers’ location and stay there until the problem was corrected. They had just upgraded their video servers and were having occasional data packet losses. Fortunately they did not experience any issues over the weekend so I was not able to pinpoint the cause, but due to the fact that I was available and local, the customer was very pleased with the service Grass Valley provided. Before I left I was beginning to install and commission large scale redundant K2 video servers with a networked control PC, PC Servers, FTP Servers, and fibered SAS storage.

The Post Group, Hollywood, CA 05/2007 to 08/2010
Senior Engineer

I was brought on as a Senior Engineer for the Telecine Department. I assisted with the day to day setup for Film Dailies, Video Dallies, and application of LUT's. Made sure the settings on the Evertz Tracker software, 9045 Encoders, 9155Q Afterburners, 7725 VBI-K-HD side chain, Blackmagic HDLink, Davinci 2K, Davinci DUI, Davinci TLC I, Fostex DV40, Spirit and Ursa's were correct. Also, DVS Clipster and Pronto. Maintained the calibration of monitors (Sony CRT's and Pioneer Plasmas) and installed and implemented new equipment into the Film chain (i.e. audio head for the Spirits). I assisted in trouble shooting a problem with a very important client concerning their DVD deliverables. After much research and phone calls, I found the right person at Pioneer and corrected the issue. The client was very pleased with the way we stayed on top of the issue and continued to have a lasting relationship with the company. Here I also learned how to terminate Fiber cable and in one of their new buildings that were under construction for client rentals, I terminated all of the fiber connections for the rental rooms to the data storage room, all checked out 100%. In the last year I was with the company they had to move to a new location. I was given the task of programming their new Pro Bel/Snell router system. This was a huge challenge and I had to have it done in one week. I accomplished the task and delivered ahead of time. I also had to design and configure the PC network user interfaces for the new router system, and in order to make it a simple for all operators, I tried to mimic the old router interface look and feel. This was a big plus to the operators and decreased the learning curve immensely. After the completion of the router programming and install, I was instrumental in assisting to get the telecines, tracker PC's, color correctors, edit controllers, ancillary equipment and color suites connected, brought on-line, and tested. For the DUB room I helped with any issues including setup of the Digital Rapids system, DVD recorders and any format conversions.

Digital Jungle, Hollywood, CA 10/2000 to 05/2007
Chief Engineer

Hired to maintain all edit bays (linear and non-linear), telecine bay, graphics bay, digital intermediate theater, and audio suite. Kept the SD liner bay online and running maintaining the Abakas 8150 switcher, Grass Valley 141 edit controller, and D/Esam 400 audio mixer. Upgraded the other SD liner bay into an Avid Nitris room with 5.1 surround using a Renegade Labs Blue 328 audio mixer. Upgraded the Audio room to Protools 7 and maintained the correct level calibration for 5.1 Surround. Helped with Voice Over setups, both remote (using the Telos Zypher) and local, integrated into the system any rental gear needed for the sessions and software updates and installs. Helped with the install of a new HD Telecine, Davinci 2K, Evertz 9025 Encoder, 9150Q Afterburner, and Tracker software. Built up from scratch their Final Cut system and integrated it into the facilities workflow. When I was originally hired, this facility had no capability for high definition. Nor did they have a way to move signals around efficiently. By the time I had left, I lead a crew in the job of upgrading this facility. I had two workers making cable harnesses for video machine interfacing and I installed and programmed a Pro Bel/Snell routing system using the Pro Bel/Snell Aurora Controller with PC router interface, Freeway router for analog signals (reference, time code, machine control, and analog audio), and a Sirius router for the digital signals (video and audio). I was also thinking about the future in my wiring plan as every machine location had exactly the same cable harness making it easy to put any type of device into an open location. In order to avoid any long down time, I left the edit rooms operating as they were, then one at a time I would incorporate the rooms into the new system. This made for a smooth transition throughout the upgrade. After the install was completed, I had about a 99.99% success rate with the cables working and landing in the right location. Also, productivity rose about 50% due to the ease in setting up a bay for the day’s operation. I was also responsible for the creation and maintenance of the companies email system and building, configuring, and issuing employees desktop PC's along with their phones, phone numbers, and network connections.

Reflections in Video (R.I.V.), Van Nuys, CA 12/1995 to 10/2000
Field Service Engineer

I was the contracted on-site engineer to Tri-Crown Productions/Yeah Studios. I was responsible for the day to day maintenance of all linear and non-linear edit bays, audio bays and computer graphics bay. I also provided services for new installations and re-configured 2 linear edit bays from an analog system edit workflow to a digital system edit workflow. I was also responsible for the maintenance of all cameras, microphones, and intercom systems used out on location shoots and color balanced on-set cameras for the shows “It’s A Miracle” and “Fox Family Countdown”.
EducationAAS Degree IN Electronic Engineering Technology Associate of Applied Science
ITT Technical Institute
SpecialityPost Production Facility Installs, Production/Broadcast Setups, 2D/3D Digital Projection, Dolby Installation and Integration, Linear & Non-Linear Editing Systems, Router Installation/Integration, Telecine Engineering, Video Servers, Audio Editing Software Installs, Color Balancing/Calibration, Audio/V.O. Setup & Integration, Video Encoding (all file formats), Digital Deliverable's, Uplink/Downlink, Encode/Decode, Video Over IP, DVD Authorization, DOS to Windows 8, and Mac OS.
Hardware ProficiencyPlease refer to the experience above.
Software ProficiencyPlease refer to experience above.

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