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Unlike a lot of big market people, I am more of a generalist....I can go out alone if need be and work the gear, or work a slot on a crew. That flexibility often is convenient for clients who prefer to use the same people on their crews regardless of the gig, or for the client who wants a technical service provider who can see a project thru from start to finish.

ExperienceOver the course of 25 years my career has included every phase of production and post with a strong emphasis on location photography, lighting, and ENG/EFP sound for single camera (film style) production; I also have quite a bit of studio and location multi-camera production background, as well as extensive experience in video and audio post production.. This experience has covered program formats such as news magazine, documentary, reality, VNR, POP, medical, music and youth culture, fashion, sports, educational,corporate/industrial, live and taped multi-camera, government training, information and orientation in both broadcast and non-broadcast markets. I have also worked on a good deal of programming slated for CD-rom and DVD distribution including green screen/Ultimatte productions, as well as numerous live web-cast multicam productions(Web-X & Windows Media) and private satellite network telecasts.
I have covered sports ranging from Olympic event coverage to hunting and fishing to NASCAR racing to professional snowboarding, kiting, windsurfing and kayaking for ESPN, ESPN2, Fox Sports, TNT, Turner Sports, EuroSport, SpeedVision, and OLN. I have also worked on numerous VNR's and news magazine pieces20for cablecast on networks such as MSNBC, CNBC, PBS and CNN.
. Media production experience spans twenty-five years, with twenty years in the video production and television broadcast industry in the New York, Pacific Northwest(Portland and Seattle), Boston and Atlanta markets. Worked in positions ranging from lighting director to director of photography as well as producer, editor,animator and graphic artist. Past clients include WGBH Boston, Bell South Corporation, United Parcel Service, Discovery Channel, the NBA, KOPB Portland, Georgia Pacific Corporation,Starbucks Corporation, Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Washington, BET, ESPN,Outdoor Life Network, SEH America,
Alcon Pharmaceuticals, Radisys Corporation,Americas Most Wanted, NECN, CBS News, and The Court TV Network.
Education8 years of grammar school
fours years of academic HS
BA / SUNY 1979
focus of study - still photography
Speciality. Core competencies include camera, lighting and editing for long form documentary, short-form news magazine segments, news features,sports features, training and orientation for broadcast, cablecast, corporate communications, industrial training as well as production of government agency and non-profit informational videos. Skill set includes EFP/ENG camera and lighting for single/multiple camera ISO location setups as well as hard (studio)camera/pedestal operation, live switched on-air and live-to-tape multiple camera operations in studio and live on location via microwave and SatTruck uplink; lighting from grids and film-style (floor) lighting; use of HMI's, tungsten open face,ellipsoidal and fresnels, dimmer packs , hard and soft patch systems and programable dimmer boards, soft lighting techniques, lighting translucent andreflective materials, use of color enhancement (stage) and color correction gels, stylized lighting techniques including bounce and use of Chimera products, as well as use of every major professional analog and digital video format (Beta SP, Digital Beta 4x3 and 16x9, NTSC and PAL), DV/DVCam. Cameras used include Sony 300A, 400A, 600, 700,709, D30, D35, D50, D50ws, with Beta, digiBeta and DVCam backs, as well as the latest DV cameras including Panasonic20DVX100/100a, SDX-900. HD experience includes use of cine-alta HDW f-900 and XDcam HD F330, JVC GY-HD100U, sony EX XDcam. I have extensive live remote experience with both hard and soft cameras. (SDI, Triax and MultiCore) Extensive location sound-for-video experience(A1 AND A2) mixing live to 2 channel as well as live to multitrack. Extensive green screen experience for both chroma key and Ultimatte.
Hardware ProficiencyI have designed and built numerous digital and analogue systems, both real time and non-real-time, including Canopus REX- Storm, TARGA based AVID Xpress systems and basic 1394 systems; have extensive experience with both ATA, SATA, SCSI, internal and external storage subsystems including hardware and software RAIDS, ATA and SATA raids, networking and complete OS and hardware system integration and management .
Software Proficiency. Experience cutting on NLE's since the earliest Avids & Media 100's. Non-linear editing experience on various systems including extensive Final Cut Pro 2-3-4-5-6 / Studio experience, Avid Xpress , Avid Xpress Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro 1- 2- CS, realtime Hardware-based systems ( Black-Magic, Canopus, Targa, Avid, Media 100),A 0 Sony Vegas 3-4-5-6-7- 8 Pro, and extensive Photoshop(2.5-3.4-5.6-CS), After Effects(4-5-6-CS) and streaming media encoding experience, including output of MPEG 1, 2, MPG2 elementary streams with AC-3 Audio, Windows Media(7-8-9) FLASH and RealMedia for CD-ROM, internet, intranet, VCD, SVCD and DVD distribution. Use of stand-alone media encoders includes Cleaner, Compressor, Sonic, ProCoder, Main Concept, On2 Flix Flash encoder, and Cinema Craft Encoder.

Experience with multi layer compositing, video graphics motion graphics primarily in Adobe After Effects and Photoshop.....I have been an AE user since version 3.0, and a Photoshop user since version 2.5 ; extensive experience in use of primary and secondary color correction tools and gamma curves, and chroma keying in both NLE and After FX environments.

Creative emphasis is on pacing,story-telling, and creative and tasteful integration of motion graphics as well as solid sound production techniques including use of compressors, noise gates and noise reduction as well as psycho-acoustic software(sonic maximizers).

I have DVD authoring experience with Sonic REEL DVD and Sonic Producer as well as DVD Architect and Adobe Encore.

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196 Walpole Street - Norwood, Massachusetts - 02062 - United States

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