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Digital Dada Data Backup and Archiving

Digital Dada Data Backup and Archiving

Data Backup and Archiving

1311 Peninsula Park, Fun Republic Lane Andheri W, Mumbai 400061 - Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400061 - India

We work closely with camera manufacturers and software makers and equipment resellers. Neil operates on software makers’ support forums, writes on digital matters, reads manuals, and sometimes writes them too. And Neil is pretty well known as the ‘go to guy’ for matters in digital post.

Of course, you need not involve us in the beginning. We can come in at a later stage too.
We’ve become reasonably good at cleaning up messes someone else left.

We can carry out these services at our premises or yours. Some tasks can be manned by our team or yours.
ExperienceManaged data and workflow for about 50 Indian films and a couple of overseas productions
Consulted with Yash Raj Films, Excel Entertainment, Film Lab, Cineom for digital data and workflow
Headed tech ops for a short while at a leading post house - Prime Focus for about a year
Headed tech for a leading post house - Pixion for 7 years
Supervised the DI and post of nearly 150 Indian and some overseas films
EducationM. Sc in Physics
Specialization in Electronics
SpecialityDigital Dada was created as a digital data and workflow guidance and services company to help film-makers concentrate on creative tasks, while I manage the tech behind it.

For any kind of movies (feature films, focus, TV shows, ad films) shot digitally, we participate from the planning. Advice on backup, workflow, and processes. Then help store and backup data correctly on set, and at the home base. Save it to multiple copies, back it up, and convert it for easy editing.
Editors don’t need to bother with the nitty gritty of transcode/import/convert. Or edit and wonder if their EDLs are going to work out, locate files amongst millions of folders and terabytes on data… and other such pain.
Hardware ProficiencyAnything Mac, RAIDs, NAS, SAN, NLEs, monitors, post gear of all types.
Software ProficiencyApple FCPX, Avid MC, FCP Legacy, Compressor, DaVinci Resolve, MacOSX, After Effects, Photoshop

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1311 Peninsula Park, Fun Republic Lane Andheri W, Mumbai 400061 - Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400061 - India

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