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Director of Photography

Paris, IDF - France

I live the ideals of the universal artist of the Renaissance, infinitely curious and inventive. I combine film, photography, design and writing. I am fortunate to use equally well my left and my right brain. I am good at both factual, data-driven thinking, as well as at emotional, intuitive idea generation. I feel comfortable with change, ambiguity and the unknown. I draw on my perseverance to achieve expert results in any activity and prefer high risk / high reward opportunities. That said, I prefer calculated risk to gambling. I favor independent work but also enjoy collaboration in small teams of brilliant professionals. I value professionalism, non-conformism and commitment to quality. I learn every day and work on constant self-betterment. I prefer frankness, honesty, trust and the win-win approach. I result from a mix of Russian, French, Swiss and American cultures. I speak and write informal, business, technical, legal and lyrical English, French and Russian. I have amassed a lot of thoughts and experiences and I relish the opportunities to share what I know.
ExperienceWorking as film director, motion / still photographer, art director, web / graphic designer, writer and journalist since 1997. Worldwide. Directed, DPed and edited a feature documentary and several shorts. Published in major magazines. Designs won numerous awards, included in Taschen's book on best web design.
EducationStroganov University of Fine Arts - classical painting
SpecialityI specialize in realistic, thought-provoking, emotional and artistic vision that breaks free from mass-entertainment trends and canons, with emphasis on color, minimalism, aesthetics, experimental editing and music.
Hardware ProficiencyUsed to volunteer as Linux sysadmin. Assembled desktops, servers, NAS, SAN from scratch.
Software ProficiencyApple: Final Cut Pro (expert), Compressor (advanced), Motion (beginner).
Adobe: After Effects (advanced), Photoshop (expert), Media Encoder (advanced), InDesign (expert), Illustrator (expert), Fireworks (expert), Flash (advanced), Acrobat (advanced)..
Ableton: Live (advanced).
Adobe: Audition (advanced).
Avid: Pro Tools (intermediate).
Autodesk: AutoCAD (intermediate).
Languages: XHTML (expert), CSS (expert), JavaScript (advanced), Flash ActionScript (advanced), PHP (advanced), mod_rewrite (advanced), SQL (advanced), Perl (beginner), AppleScript (intermediate).

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Submitted by on Apr 25, 2014
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Paris, IDF - France

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