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Los Angeles, California - United States

Broadcast and video. I shot all three seasons of 'Drinking Made Easy' on HDNet (Sony PMW and EX).
I started shooting ENG in Cable Access when I was 15. Invested in an XL1s and GL1 in 2001---which was pretty badass looking back. Shot

Managing/Coordinating: I've tour managed several times throughout the U.S., travel show multi-city trips and on-site location logistics for a variety of small to large productions.

EducationProducer/Concept, travel series, pitching
Producer/Concept, reality series, optioned (A.Smith Co)
Producer, Mr.Personalities, HDNet
Co-Producer, Line, Camera: 'Drinking Made Easy' HDNet: Shot,
Tour Manager: Sing the Booze

Production Manager: hiring, staffing, release coordination, equipment and asset inventory, scheduling, payroll, travel, etc.
SpecialityI'm a solid ENG shooter, Sony PMW series mostly, but I can shoot proficiently regardless. I have a good sense o f

I'm great in the field. I work effectively in large volume crowds, places like concerts, nightclubs, festivals, etc.
Software ProficiencyFinal Cut Suite,
Premiere Suite,
Avid Express.
Plural Eyes
FilemakerPro, Pilotware
Microsoft Office,

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Los Angeles, California - United States

Broadcasting   •   Television Production
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