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REV J HD Editing | Photography | Writing

REV J HD Editing | Photography | Writing

Editing | Photography | Writing


Milwaukee, Wisconsin - United States

The universe has tried to kill me more than 10 times. Friends, Cars, Nature, Cancer; everyone's tried and not a single one has succeeded. Might as well call me Mr Glass.

Hot Rods, Hip Hop, rare and collectible Sneakers, things that go *bang*
ExperienceFreelance graphics, logo, image manipulation since 2004; Moved more heavily to video in 2010, specializing in action-cameras, and moreover, the building of riggings.

I can fabricate anything from steel, and am being trained in aluminum and stainlesss fabrication.

Have done work for some names in the automotive world, including Optima Battery, FM3 Performance Marketing, David Salvaggio, Imagine Motorsports, Perfection AutoSport.

I pride myself on being able to do an automotive segment from start to finish on my own. Not only can I do the physical build/installation/modification, but I can write the script/copy, host and voiceover, direct and shoot, edit, and produce for social media.

My Life Goal is to become an Automotive Personality; someone who lives' the life, but can also present that culture to the people. I'd like to produce my own series, and be involved on the front AND back-end. I take after people like Brett "Big Schwag" Wagner and Stacy David, two long-time heroes.
EducationShow winning hot rod builder, custom cars are my happy place. Published graphics in the Dupont Registry and SportsCar Market Magazine. Work has been seen at the Moneterrey Automotive events, and nationally distributed for print ad's.

Former automotive hobby Magazine editor.

Associate's in Visual Design and Computer Graphics, but fell in love with video before I knew it.

SpecialityAction-Camera's, riggings; I work mostly with automotive businesses' and enthusiasts, as well as doing car rigs for music video's and ads.
Hardware ProficiencyGoPro camera systems, learning DJI and quad rotor flight for aerial photo.
Welding and custom fab.
Software ProficiencyAdobe Suite, Premiere.

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin - United States

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