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Oshkosh, Wisconsin - United States

I recently got a great review from Jeff Bartsch, a very recognized editor who has worked for ABC, NBC, FOX, Universal, Disney, ESPN, MTV, and many more!

"You have a very strong handle on editorial application, particularly in your use of music."
"As the writer/editor, you have a great grasp of structure."
"It’s so rare I’m in a position to say this, because using music well is such a difficult thing for many people, but your application of music, is Hollywood caliber, professional in every way. Really, really well done."
-Jeff Bartsch
ExperienceI have nearly 14 years of experience in Graphic Design and Video Post-Production experience and have received great reviews on my recent personal work. I also have nearly 5 years of Broadcasting experience. I also have 7 years of experience as manager, assistant manager and owner at 3 companies.
EducationI have 4 years of Video Production and Broadcasting Instruction at a public broadcasting tv station / highschool class.
I also have 6 years of hands-on experience in everything from Pre-Production to Live Broadcasting at Merrill Productions Channel 3, and 4 of those years I was either a teacher assistant or assistant manager. My duties: Assist class when manager/teacher was not available; Equipment Selection/Purchase; Manage and Schedule programs for broadcast; Directing, Editing, Developing broadcasts; A/V Live/Pre/Post Production; Everything else involved in running a tv station. Many achievements while with company including a Film Festival Award for my Editing of a School Play!
I have been editing videos since high school, but since late 2012 I have been trying to make a name for myself in the Freelance and Professional world.
SpecialityMy specialty is post-production editing, and editing video to music.

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Oshkosh, Wisconsin - United States

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