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3447 Astoria Court - Winter Park, Florida - 32792 - United States

I have a background in video and media production. From pre- to post-production, I have tried my hand at just about everything. From editing and motion graphics, to producing and directing.I have been involved in filmmaking for over a decade. I love its challenges and its rewards, and I especially enjoy seeing the industry grow with new technology.

Working Freelance and with my Company Eyesview Media I get the chance to create unique, dynamic products for clients while always sharpening my abilities and taking on new challenges.

Production Coordinator for T GROUP/H2 - Museum Men - releases, crew and equipment
Field Producer for Pink Sneakers/CMT - Redneck Vacation - shot interviews and test tapes
Field Producer for Emotional Ideas/Norwegian Cruise Lines - crew, equipment and releases
Producer for Eyesview Media / Art Attacks - crew, equipment, releases and locations.
Producer for Eyesview Media / Orlando Health - crew, equipment and interviews
Producer for Eyesview Media / K LASER USA - crew, equipment, locations and interviews
Associate Producer for GoConvergence/Golf Channel - School of Golf - Shooter/Producer


Emotional Ideas/Norwegian Cruise Lines - Shot On-board Dining Videos
Pink Sneakers / CMT - Redneck Vacation - Shot Interviews and Test Tapes
GoConvergence / Golf Channel - School of Golf - Series Camera man
Rogan Media / Trump Dural Golf Course - Shot Instructional Videos
Mezo Media / Red Cross - Shot Red Cross Children’s Foundation Videos
Barnstorm Productions - Marriot Hotels - Shot online hotel tours
Bruno White Entertainment - shot conceptual pilot for company
Eyesview Media / Orlando Health - Shot Video for Lee O’ Donnell Story
Eyesview Media / K LASER USA - Shot Vet Waiting Room Videos
Eyesview Media / Art Attacks Online - Series Camera Man


Emotional Ideas - Norwegian Cruise Lines - On ship and excursion videos
Florida Perfume - edited Florida Perfume Sales Video
SNAP! Orlando - edited event videos
NBA City Orlando - edited event videos and web commercials
Trail and Heirs - edited on-air performance reel
Ellavision Entertainment - Princeton College - edited documentary short
Studio Smithy - Florida Pole Fitness - edited 2012 events reels
SafeWater Drops - edited online welcome video
Eyesview Media / Orlando Health - edited Lee O Donnell video
Eyesview Media / Scotty B -edited web videos for
Eyesview Media / Art Attacks - edited majority of web series episodes
Eyesview Media / Current TV - Samsung VCAM - edited commercial spec


DIT for T GROUP / H2 - Museum Men - Ingested media shot from Sony F800 XD Cams
Tape Producer / Media Manager for Golf Channel NBC- Big Break - Tape Producer and DIT for the series (5 seasons) XDCAM / RED Epics
DIT/Media Manager for Tru TV - Upload with Shaq - Ingest and Transcode Media from Red Epics / Canon c300s and Arri Alexas
DIT/Media Manager for Random Motion Pictures - Disney - Ingest and transcode media from Canon c300s and Canon 5D mark 3
DIT/Media Manager for GoConvergence - Various Clients - Ingest and transcode P2 media / Vari Cam / Red Epic / Arri Alexa
DIT/Media Manager for Eyesview Media - Various Clients - Ingest DSLR and P2 media / Red Epic / Vari Cam / Arri Alexa
Jan 2003 - May 2006

Speciality:camera, editing, writing, producing, directing, media management, camera assist, workflow, panasonic hvx, panasonic p2 varicam, red epic, red scarlet, sony xl1, sony xdcam, canon 5d mark II, canon 7d ,final cut pro, after effects cs5.5, compressor, handbrake, mpeg stream clip, plural eyes, adobe photoshop, labeling and organization, Magic Bullet Image Suite, Apple Color, DVD Studio Pro, Final Cut X, tape producer,sony xd cam, p2 media,

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3447 Astoria Court - Winter Park, Florida - 32792 - United States

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