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47 Carrer Onze de Setembre - Parets del Valles, Barcelona - 08150 - Spain

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Demo Reel 2012
Here are some of the best clips of the short films I had the pleasure of working in during my studies in EICAR. I worked as cinematographer, camera assistant and grip. ... more

ExperienceI have had more than 10 years of experience in several areas of the film and television industry. I have worked continuously in fiction films of a variety of genres, and in a variety of roles. I have also worked in television shows, documentaries, video clips and a great number of comercial spots for different brands like pepsi, gatorade, polar, etc...

I mostly specialize in the camera and lighting department, and have excelled in camera operation and camera assistance with RED cameras.

In the past year, I have been involved in more documentary film making, and have traveled around different countries in Europe and Asia shooting for Skyd Magazine and Ultimate Globetrotter.

EducationI have a licentiate degree in Audiovisual Media in Los Andes University in Merida, Venezuela. I majored in Direction of Photography for Film and Television under the wing of Polish cinematographer Cezary Jaworski.

I also have a master degree in Film Directing from Nou Prodigi Film School in Barcelona, Spain and a master degree from EICAR, The International Film School of Paris, France.

SpecialityMy specialty is cinematography: From camera operation to lighting and everything in between.

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47 Carrer Onze de Setembre - Parets del Valles, Barcelona - 08150 - Spain

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