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Full Service Video Production

2814 Bricker, Stage 2 - Charlotte, North Carolina - 28273 - United States

We believe in combing the science of the mind (psychology) with the artistry of a creatively-talented crew. A professional media production project should move your audience emotionally through a series of proven psychological steps.

If the viewer isn’t stirred to laughter, tears, smiles or distress, no amount of advertising will give you a return on your investment. People buy emotionally, not logically. Produced with cutting-edge cinematography, compelling scriptwriting, and creative editing techniques, your campaign comes ALIVE.
ExperienceEpisode 11 Productions is proudly owned by United States Air Force veteran, Randy Davis, and Charlotte business woman, Beth Sowell. As the Director and Chief Editor, we choose to work with a small, talented, motivated crew so we can stay involved in the production process as much as possible. You’ll never see us standing around texting, or trying to squeeze as many people as possible on our crew; we’re lean and laser focused.

Not only are we proud of our history, but also what brought us together to form this company, which makes us so excited to bring your marketing needs to life. We breathe life into each project, through the use of scientifically proven psychological cues to drive your prospects to action.
EducationWhile no one likes a braggart, we know you appreciate quality. We are proud of our success and look forward to giving you the benefit of our experience.

We cross-train each member of our staff into every position within our organization. Our editors shadow the production crew, and our production crew rolls up their sleeves to work with our post-production editors in the editing bay. Experiencing the challenges of each department helps to streamline the workflow and allows our clients to benefit from a production value that is unheard of in the multimedia industry.

Our entire staff of videographers, photographers, film editors, and 3D artists are passionate about the projects that we create. The outcome is a remarkably effective creation for our clients and a satisfying extension of our staff’s labor of love.
SpecialityImagine a group of mystics who can see your desires and conjure your wishes. Now, remove the disbelief and you have Episode 11 Productions. While we may not have proven mystical powers, our results are, in a word, magical.
Software ProficiencyAutodesk Maya, Autodesk Smoke, After Effects, Photoshop, Sorenson Squeeze, Final Cut Pro

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2814 Bricker, Stage 2 - Charlotte, North Carolina - 28273 - United States

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