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161 Leverington Avenue - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 19119 - United States

ExperienceWe are a Philadelphia-based video production and video post-production company specializing in commercial and documentary production & editorial, healthcare communications, motion graphics and visual effects.

With years of experience creating moving images, we help clients reach new audiences in innovative ways. Marketers from all sectors are now using the undeniable impact of video to not only promote their services and products, but also to improve internal communications, support sales staff and generally increase brand awareness. We are passionate about the ubiquity of video in the marketplace and we seek partners who not only want join in, but grasp the significance of producing video work that truly stands out. Whether you are a seasoned professional agency or an entrepreneurial exploit, we capture & help you create a compelling video story.

We collaborate with businesses, educational & healthcare institutions, corporations, and non-profit groups seeking to implement video into their marketing or communications strategy. For over 20 years, we have partnered with advertising and PR agencies to help them deliver video content to their clients.
EducationJohn is involved in all aspects of the business, but his primary focus is in directing, editing, and producing, as Assembly’s Creative Director. He also has a special interest

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161 Leverington Avenue - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 19119 - United States

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