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Blind Monkeys is proudly part of the Film-Alliance, a global film production network of only 25 production companies from Europe, USA, Africa and Asia. Film-Alliance offers access to top directors and D.O.P's, unique locations, experienced crews and premium talent worldwide at very competitive rates.

By joining Film-Alliance our clients are now benefited by:

No double mark up when shooting in different countries.
No loan out fees for Directors and D.O.P's.
Faster bidding process.
Directors, DOPs, talent fees and buyouts at very competitive rates.
Stronger purchase power.
Competitive deals on travel and accommodations.
A wider roster of international directors and D.O.P’s.
Worldwide location and casting data base access.

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ExperienceBlind Monkeys is a full service production company based in São Paulo with associates throughout South America, USA and Europe. Experienced in servicing some of the leading production companies of Europe and North America since 1999 as Paradiso Films, Blind Monkeys is an evolution of its predecessor but with the same service DNA as a dedicated boutique company operating in a low overhead structure, maintaining the flexibility and agility needed nowadays in the competitive film production marketplace.
Blind Monkeys is a member of the TwinFilm Group, a commercial production company based in Munich and offices in Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin, Zurich, Cape Town, Madrid, Moscow, Amsterdam, London, Vienna and New York. The TwinFilm Group has been a preferred partner of Procter & Gamble Worldwide (P&G) for over ten years now and in 2014 became Unilever’s preferred partner too. Currently only five production companies in Western Europe have this status. The preferred partners produce all advertising films for P&G and Unilever worldwide.
EducationWe are constantly working to keep our customers satisfied. Over the past 15 years we have worked for some of the world’s most awarded agencies, production companies and admired brands. Check it out some of our clients below.


Adidas, Allianz, Aral, Asahi, Asics, Autotrader, Bayer, BMW, BPW Europe
BVR, Campari, Carlsberg, Coca-Cola, Diageo, Discovery Channel, Duvel, Eastpak, Edeka, E-plus, Eristoff, Franziskaner, Gillette, GM, Grolsch, Guinness, Heineken, HSBC, Juvederm, Land Rover, Langnese, LG, L'Oréal, Maizena, Mars, Mastercard, Mattel, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Minolta, Mumm, NatGeo, Nestea, Nike, Noris Bank, Procter & Gamble, Ray-Ban, Ricard, Ricola, Samsung, Schering-Plough, Senseo, Sci Fi Channel, Shell, Schofferhofer, Skoda, Sprite, Taca Airlines, Unilever, Vale, Vaseline, Visa, Vodafone, VW.


ADtomic Communications Copenhagen, AGE São Paulo, BBDO Dusseldorf, BBDO NY, BBH NY, Devilfish London, Duval Guillaume Antwerp, Duval Guillaume Brussels, Frankfurt, Hakuhodo Tokyo, Hogarth London, Hogarth São Paulo, Leagas Delaney Hamburg, Lowe London, Jack Rouse Associates Cincinnati, JWT Frankfurt, Kolle Rebbe Hamburg, Leo Burnett London, McCann Erickson Brussels, McCann Erickson Paris, McCann Erickson Buenos Aires, McCann Erickson Rio, M.E.C.H The Communication House Berlin, Neogama/BBH São Paulo, Ogilvy Shanghai, Ogilvy Paris, Saatchi & Saatchi London, Satisfaction Brussels, Springer & Jacoby Hamburg, The Viral Factory London, Triplevision Dublin, United Senses Munich, U5 Communication Hamburg, Young & Rubicam LA.

Production companies

A White Label Product LA, Anonymous Content LA, ASD Lionheart London, Bandits Paris, Czar Brussels, Erste Liebe Hamburg, Fiction Films Munich, Fifty Three Ninety Ninety Hamburg, Gang Films Paris, Gearhead Vancouver, Glass Film Hamburg, GoFilm LA, Goodgate Barcelona, H2O NY, Infinity London, Knucklehead London, Markenfilm Hamburg, Markenfilm Zurich, Miauw Amsterdam, Milly Films Brussels, New Sentimental Berlin, Nobody Copenhagen, OPC Toronto, OtoFilm Warsaw, Paradise Cafe Tokyo, Partizan London, Pilgrim Studios LA, Radiant Pictures LA, RadicalMedia New York, Soupfilm Berlin, Sterntag Hamburg, Telemaz Hamburg, TYO Tokyo.


The scope of its ethnical diversity is one of Brazil’s major attractions. The country has the cast for almost any scene. The major international model agencies, such as Ford, Mega and Elite have offices in São Paulo, representing new faces and top names. The costs of talent buy-outs compare favourably with European and U.S markets. We are able to offer the full scope of Brazilian talent. For a sample of casting archive pictures please contact us.


A growing domestic industry has created an excellent infrastructure of professionals, ranging from lab runners to helicopter pilots. Our crews have a wide experience working with overseas productions. Foreign producers, directors and DP’s are often surprised by the level of local technical expertise. We assemble the teams based on the nature, scope, and complexity of the production. We offer not only the latest technology, but also highly trained and experienced technicians ready to form a professional working team.


We provide cost-free initial research and project analysis. Due to our network of contacts throughout Brazil we offer immediate access to vital information on locations, visas, infrastructure, schedules, climate and anything that might be necessary to define your overseas shoot. The constant up-dating of our archives means that most information is on-hand for immediate reference. Blind Monkeys offers an individual, on-line source of visual references for each project, dealing with all areas of location, casting and art direction.


From an extensive location archive, Blind Monkeys provides immediate references and proposals. If we don’t have the specific location in our archives, experienced scouts will research the ideal spot, providing detailed information regarding the location, weather conditions, access, infrastructure and so on. We can obtain all shooting permits from federal, state and municipal governments, as well as cooperation from private institutions, citizens and law enforcement agencies. For a general impression of the country and to help develop storyboards or present ideas to a client, please contact us and we will send you a sample of our locations.


A reliable estimate without surprises is a key element of our work. Based on information such as schedule, crew size, format, location radius and talent requirements, we will propose an initial bid. The process of adjustment during pre-pro research is fully transparent as costs are defined and a final contract is drawn up. Overages due to additional requests during production are budgeted and approved individually. Our bid model offers the maximum of clarity and transparency according to international standards. Regardless of the scope or budget, we approach all projects the same way.
Hardware ProficiencySEND US A BOARD

Blind Monkeys provides cost-free research and project analysis for a reliable estimate without surprises. We turn around preliminary estimates within 24hs and offer immediate access to high quality location and casting references, often giving the necessary edge to win the pitch. If you need an estimate please send us the board and specs to:

Software ProficiencyBlind Monkeys is always interested in creative projects. You may submit a short pitch for evaluation. Make sure you include all contact information as well as the title, genre and logline. If we find a project interesting, a request for further details will be made by e-mail.
We are happy to receive your project, but we will only accept material from the own author or producers with the legal right to submit it. Please be aware that we are not obliged to return submitted materials and that your submission does not create a confidential relationship between you and Blind Monkeys. If you agree with these policies, please send your project via mail or e-mail.


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