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Stephen Thompson - Motion Graphics Reel - to 2014
Samples of the best Motion Graphics work I've done in the past 6 years of hands-on graphic experience.... more

ExperienceI have many years of self-taught experience in 3D graphics and keyfram-based animation.
I have 2 years of professional experience working with Doug Rittenhouse, the Emmy-award-winning producer of Behind the Music. At the Center for Creative Media, I worked with producers of varying degrees of experience and other teams of people to create pieces of all shapes and sizes.
EducationAt the Center for Creative Media, I was trained in the latest graphics software, learning to use Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premiere to make deadlines, and having a working knowledge of Blender 3D and Maya.
I've always had a knack for learning new software, as well, and can use Google to fill in any gaps.
SpecialityGraphics in After Effects.
Hardware ProficiencyI have a broad knowledge of cables for drive setup (firewire, thunderbolt) (JET power cord, NOM power cord). I've often hooked up my laptop to projectors and/or extra screens.
The other day, I repaired my own CD drive, which had fallen out of my laptop.
Software ProficiencyJust the basic knowledge of downloading programs, removing them, and applying necessary precautions of malware defense.

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11187 Candi Lane - King George, Virginia - 22485 - United States

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