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Splinemask Rotoscoping Company Rotoscoping

Splinemask Rotoscoping Company Rotoscoping



Cebu City, Cebu - Philippines

For a start you can send us at least 1second video clip for
rotoscoping / paint / keying for a free trial for your satisfactions either
to do business with us.

Demo Reel:
splinemask showreel
Our rotoscoping showreel with some of our clients work are limited due to the non-disclosure agreement.... more

ExperienceWe are a team of experienced graphic artist, video editor & rotoscope artist who can
work in any challenging roto / paint / keying task remotely, and provide you
a clean and accurate matte shape for more than 5 years. We have been closely working with
photographers, catalog companies, advertising agencies, photographic studios, vfx studios and film production companies.
EducationBachelors Degree of Fine Arts
SpecialitySpecialize in Rotoscoping, articulated rotoscoping, chroma keying, matchmove, tracker removal, roto paint,Green/Blue Screen Keying, 3D Stereoscopic Rotoscoping, Alpha creation in Photoshop, Luminance and Difference Key, Camera Tracking (2D and 3D), Object Tracking, Background/Scene Tracking, Rotomation, Image Stabilizing, Dust, Scratch, Tear and Burn Removal, Plate Stabilization, Color Correction from fading, Noise Removal, SD to HD Upscale Conversion, Detailing and Sharpening
Software Proficiencyskillsets include After Effects, Premiere, Corel Draw, Mocha Pro, Silhouette FX, Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Flash and Dreamweaver.

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Submitted by on Oct 15, 2014
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Cebu City, Cebu - Philippines

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Re: Splinemask Rotoscoping Company
by raju king
I am Mritunjay professional roto artist with work experience of more than 4 year in Visual-Fx for major production titles.I have in and out experience of dealing rotoscopy projects, maintaining time schedules and producing quality final outputs.
Flexible and open to round the clock communication and feedback's.

I have small team.

Thanx & Regards
Mritunjay Kumar
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