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Kolkata, West Bengal - India

Right now, Im on a mission, along with my two partners/long time friends, from the same industry. And our mission is to put our dream,CREO Studios, on the map. We aspire to create' awesome' work, and gradually get known in the process. Currently we are facing the hurdles every startup has to face, but we aint stopping for nothing! Because this is what we do, and we'll see this dream come true.

Please, do take the time to view the LinkedIn profiles of my partners, given below
ExperienceNine years full-time work experience in post-production in top studios across India, covering various genres like
CG tv series production/post production,
Live Action post production (roto, chroma, comp, vfx, for tv serials, music videos and local movies,*uncredited)
2d-3d Stereo Conversion(training 200 people on the basics of conversion, leading a conversion team on major Hollywood projects, and later working as Assistant Stereographer for Hollywood projects.
Motion design

Please click on the following link for relevant credited projects

Please click on the following link for LinkedIn profile
EducationDiploma in 2d-3d Animation and Vfx
Graduate in Media science
SpecialityStereo conversion (auto, depth-map)
Compositing(cg pass, deep, live-action, strong familiarity with extra passes like normal, xyz and motion vector)
Motion Design

We also provide competitive services in 3d animation (character animation and composting only, as of now). And we also create shor jingles for commercials, primarily created in FLStudio.
Software ProficiencyA list(creatively comfortable)

Adobe After Effects(including creative familiarity with a host of top plugins like Element3D, Trapcode Suite, Plexus and Optical Flares, among others)
Foundry Nuke
Eyeon Fusion
Autodesk Maya

B list(creatively familiar)

Maxon Cinema4D R15 Studio
Next Limit Realflow

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Kolkata, West Bengal - India

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