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I am in the formal stage of a career path change to Multimedia 2D/3D Design/Animator. Specifically after a long successful and fulfilling career as an IT Systems Analyst/Consultant, I have developed a new and equally strong career passion. I have used the Adobe CC suite of tools for 12 years (includes pre-CC versions obviously) in pursuit of this career choice to obtain an expert level skill set. This passion led to a logical progression to 3D modeling as well as several thousand hours of photo/video pre and post production projects over those 12 years.
Since this formal stage of the career path change is currently in play, my current portfolio and demo reels of projects and experience are limited in this field. Nevertheless obtaining expert level skills with all the appropriate tools have been completed. Demo reels are available and being distributed on Vimeo that illustrate this skill set. See below for specifics regarding access to these.

Demo Reel:
3D Animation
Demo for potential work PS and AE 3D... more

Wayne Kiplinger H 765-676-5250
10624 W ST RD 234
Jamestown IN 46147


Senior IT consultant launching formal phase of second career path as Multimedia 2D/3D Designer/Animator seeks permanent or freelance opportunity in 2D/3D graphic design and animation.

2006-2019 Industry ??" 2D/3D video/photo Motion Graphic Design productions for broadcast, web and print
Companies ??" Kipco Productions, small/medium profit/non-profits
Roles ??" Videographer/Producer/Editor, Scripting, Multimedia Developer
Responsibilities ??" Using Adobe CC Suite 2006-2019, C4D, 3D related tools, 3rd party plug-ins, various cameras and associated editing/production equipment to design, produce, script, storyboard and edit effective commercial video and motion graphic design campaigns.

1999-2005 Industry ??" DOD, Manufacturing, Computer, Real Estate
Companies ??" DOD Finance Center, Ritron Inc, LP Gas Distributor
Roles ??" IT/ERP Project Manager/Consultant/Administrator/Developer
Responsibilities ??" Manage IT and associated projects to plan and budget. Larger project size was 4000 users, national WAN, 200 regional vice presidents, manage merger and acquisition systems as company grew from 27th nationally to 3rd in the rental real estate industry. Smaller projects were Y2K manufacturing systems that were customized to the point of not being operational regarding real Y2K system issues rendering purchasing/forecasting of parts inoperative. 100 users, 1 Unix legacy system converted to a more current NT Symix 4GL solution.

1992-1998 Industry ??" Computer, Manufacturing, Finance
Companies ??" Contracted to various consulting agencies and clients for IT project management.
Roles ??" ERP Project Management, System Administrator/Analyst, Programmer
Responsibilities ??" To select, install, configure and maintain off the shelf and customized computer solutions that typically included WAN/LAN, Web, AR, AP, GL, Purchasing, Inventory Control, BOM’s etc. for local single business location and or national/regional/global locations.

Technical Skills/Education

Intermediate Skill Level ??" ActionScript 3.0, OOP, Dreamweaver, CSS, JavaScript, Spry AJAX, PHP, JQuery, JSON and ASP.

Advanced Skill Level - Adobe CS3/CC 2017, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition. System Admin/Programmer courses completed for Flash, MySQL, HTML, XML, VB, Oracle PL/SQL, SQL Server, Progress and other databases. Motion/Animation with AE CC 2019+, C4D and related 3D tools.

Education: 2 Years of Electronic Engineering in USAF (Emery Riddle Aeronautical University)

In the last 5 years over 180 certificates of completion from and Udemy for technical courses related to responsive web design/programming, multimedia development, graphic design etc. have been obtained. Additional training/education from other sources combined yielded thousands of hours of current 2D/3D expert skills development and successful completion of all projects in this continuing professional development.

LinkedIn Profile =
Vimeo Demo Reels (5)
password ??" waynesdemo

EducationLinkedIn Profile =
SpecialityMultimedia 2D/3D Motion & Animation
Software ProficiencyAdobe CC 2006-2017 (PS, AI, Au, Pr, Br, Ae expert skills)
Too many other apps to list here at intermediate skill level i.e. SonicFire Pro etc.

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