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2202A- 4464 Markham Street - Victoria, BC - V8Z 7X8 - Canada
Specialitycebas Visual Technology Inc is a privately held software company founded in 1988 in Heidelberg, Germany, now headquartered in Victoria, BC, Canada.

The company’s advanced tools empowers users of art, including films, music videos, architectural and engineering design professions to achieve realistic, compelling and integrative visual effects that are scientifically accurate and entirely based on realistic multi-physics operators.

Industries served:
cebas 3D modeling, animation, rendering and VFX software is used in feature length motion pictures (blockbusters from the Hollywood film industry), video games, television shows and commercials, as well as for architecture / construction / engineering (ACE), medical illustrations and design visualization, and other industries in which both static and / or animated photo-realism is required.

Portfolio lineup:
cebas software drives critical VFX (visual effects) scenes in major recent motion pictures such as “White House Down”, “After Earth”, “Star Trek: Into The Darkness”, “Oblivion”, “Die Hard 5: A Good Day to Die Hard”, “Spiderman” Sequels 3 and 4, “Snow white and the Huntsman”, “The Avengers”, “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn II”, “Battleship”, “Red Tails”, “Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance”, “Final Destination 5”, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I and II”, “Transformers 3D”,“Green Lantern”, “Thor 3D”, “2012”, “Alice in Wonder Land” and “Iron Man 2&3” and many others.

Major game titles in which cebas products were used include “League of Legends”, “The Witcher 2” movie intro, “Classic Transformers”, “Command and Conquer”, “Diablo”, “MX vs. ATV”, “Star Craft”, “Tomb Raider”, and “Wolfenstein”.

3D VFX tools, motion picture industry, gaming industry, architecture & design industries

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2202A- 4464 Markham Street - Victoria, BC - V8Z 7X8 - Canada

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