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Lighting Cameraman DP

1830 E Ocean Blvd - Long Beach, California - 90802 - United States

Please feel free to email me at or call/text me at 870-421-2293. I look forward to hearing from you!

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ExperienceAs a film student at Chapman University, I have worked in many fast-paced environments. I am familiar with both narrative and commercial aspects of shooting. During my time at Chapman, I did an internship for an internationally-acclaimed wedding videography studio called Visual Masterpiece. I served as both a cinematographer and editor for them.!/HOME
Here is a link to a sample of my various works:
I have on-set experience with camera team as well as sound and G/E. I own two zoom H1ns as well as a full camera loadout for a RED scarlet and a 5d Mk3 with a 100 macro 2.8L and 16-35 2.8L.
I also am farmiliar with the workflows to go between offline editing to color to vfx and conforming, which is essential to provide the best product possible.
EducationChapman University 2014 B.F.A. in Film Production with an emphasis in Directing and Sound Design
Sound Design
Software ProficiencyAvid
Pro Tools
Final Cut Pro 7
Final Cut Pro X
After Effects
Premiere Pro
DaVinci Resolve

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Submitted by on Dec 10, 2014
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1830 E Ocean Blvd - Long Beach, California - 90802 - United States

Cinematography   •   Lighting Cameraman DP
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