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Data Backup and Archiving

Oakdale, Minnesota - 55128 - United States

ExperienceOyen Digital is an innovative developer and manufacturer in the portable storage industry, specializing in professional A/V and RAID storage. We are dedicated to developing ground-breaking technology products using our extensive knowledge and experience in audio/video production and mass storage. Headquartered in Oakdale, Minnesota, we have been active and successful in technology industries for the past 15 years.
EducationThe following principles define our business focus:

We strive to ensure customer satisfaction through a commitment to user-oriented product designs, service and value, as well as comprehensive quality management.

Utilizing the individual knowledge and talents of our partners and employees enables us to better anticipate customer needs and offer solutions that exceed expectations.

We seek to create affordable, high-quality products that maximize the highest quality per dollar ratio in the industry.

Our commitment to clear communication benefits our customers by ensuring that our customer's needs are met and exceeded at every level of the value chain including product development, delivery and service.

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Oakdale, Minnesota - 55128 - United States

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