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ExperienceI am the owner of What If! Production media service production company here in Colorado. I worked in Colorado for 9News as a 9News hotshot shooting and editing highlight reels of sports for highlights reels in 2009. More recently I work for Crosspoint as an assistant editor where my job responsibilities included video editing using the adobe suite, tape deck/ tape room management, video color correction, graphics, ki pro operator, and so much more. At this moment right now I run my own personal freelance business where I do everything from videography, photography, on set sound, audio post production, video editing, graphics, video encoding and so much more. Give me a call today to find out what media problems I can bring solutions today.
EducationAssociate in Post production from the Colorado film school

Classes taken:
Adobe Flash Professional
Photoshop I
Avid Editing
Post production II
Production I
Post Production III
Feature Script Analysis
Contemporary Global Cinema
Film/Video Business-IM
Digital Editing:Avid
Motion Graphic Design I:Flash
Documentary Film
Editing Aesthetics
Post Production Sound
Astronomy I: SC1
Sound for Film/Video
Digital Editing Final Cut P RO
Short Script Analysis
Sound for Film and Video
After Effects
Film Expression
Production/ post Production I
Production II

Specialityvideo post production, photography and on set audio recording
Software ProficiencyFinal cut 7/ Final Cut Studio 3

· Final cut X

· Avid

· Adobe Premium Suite

· Adobe Premier

· Adobe Encore DVD and Blu-Ray Authoring

· Adobe After Effect

· Adobe Photoshop

· Adobe Audtion

· Adobe Illustrator

· Adobe Media Encoder

· Apples Motion

· Protools

· Logic Pro X

· Color correction skills in various programs such as Davinci or other NLEs

· Boom Operator/ Sound Mixer

· Cinematography/ DSLR camera Knowledge/ Photography

· Excel, Word, and Powerpoint Skills

· Production Skills

· Lighting Skills

· Tape Deck operation Knowledge

· Izotope RX audio post knowledge

· Motion Graphics

· Green screen workflows

· Editing program problem solving

· Davinci Resolve Color Corrections


· Multiple Compressing and encoding footage software

· Marketing

· Google Authoring

· Sales Skills

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2855 S Monaco Parkway Apt. 2-101 - Denver, Denver - 80222 - United States

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