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ExperienceExperience: 9/2005- 2/2015: Senior Colorist, Technicolor Creative Services. Color correction for feature films, library film restoration, home video mastering, foreign language format and transfer, digital intermediate home video mastering, independent feature mastering, and episodic television mastering.

Primary focus was on the Paramount Digital Archive Project. The project involved the restoration and preservation of Republic and Paramount library titles. Extensive editing, color correction, and file creation with client supervision created a digital preservation archive for each feature. The Archive included the following deliverables: edited 4k files archived to LTO, 2K file renders, color corrected 1080p ProResHQ master file with restored audio, 1080p H.264 files of complete feature and individual reels. Project required the complete understanding of preserving film digitally. Editing and compression were performed on the DVS Clipster. Archive rendering involved 4k, 2k, 1080p and standard definition formats.

Digital Intermediate Projects: The Last Command, The Wedding March, The Pawn Broker, and Under the Western Stars. These restoration projects were reconstructed/edited using the DVS Clipster and formatted/colored theatrically with Blackmagic Resolve. Deliverables also included creation of a new film negative and archival print. Project required the knowledge of the DI process, including LUT design/implementation, file management and rendering for DI and film out.

Current work for Sony Picture Entertainment includes feature mastering of library titles for the Asset Management Group. Possess a thorough understanding of 2k/4k data workflow, and telecine processing of interpositive, and negative film stocks. Formatting and rendering of UHD and 4K content. Foreign language content creation and rendering from international deliverables.

Equipment knowledge: Da Vinci 2K+, Blackmagic Resolve, Clipster, Lustre, Digital Vision DVNR, Sony SRW, and Protools. Clients include: Paramount Pictures, Sony Picture Entertainment, Relativity Studios, and Universal Studios.

2002- 9/2005: Colorist, Post Logic Studios. Senior Colorist. Employed as a colorist working on final color correction for features, digital cinema, and episodic television projects. Clients include: Sony Picture Entertainment, Miramax Pictures, Screen Gems, American Zoetrope, Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox, and Paramount Pictures. Complete understanding of the telecine process from film and data formats to final product master. Equipment experience includes: Da Vinci 2K+ Color corrector, Spirit Telecine, C-Reality Telecine, Quantel IQ, Snell and Wilcox Ukon, DVS Data Systems Clipster, Panasonic D-5, and Sony SRW.

1992-2002 Sony Pictures High Definition Center: Colorist Employed as colorist working on final color correction transfers of Columbia and TriStar Pictures features on a Da Vinci 2K and Spirit Telecine, and Sony’s proprietary telecines. Worked on all “A” title Columbia releases from 1995-2002 and “B” title (library) releases from 1992-2002. Worked on restoration projects including “Easy Rider,” “The Bridge on the River Kwai,” and Frank Capra’s “The Matinee Idol.” Extensive knowledge of film and telecine process with specific technical skills in aspect ratios, film colorimetry, digital projection, high definition telecine evaluation and engineering.

Worked on over 1,000 Columbia/TriStar library titles, as well as various client titles for Paramount, Miramax and independent clients. Assisted in the development of Sony’s three proprietary telecines and film scanners. All three systems were used to master over 200 projects in formats ranging from 16 mm to 65 mm. Project highlights: the first U.S. high definition feature transfers for the Japan HD laserdisc/broadcast markets, transferred the complete Showscan ride film library, film opticals for Columbia and New Line Pictures, and Sony’s first high definition feature mastering for domestic home video release.

Intimate knowledge of Protools software; including audio editing, audio mixing, and mastering.
EducationEducation: B.A. Fine Arts 1984 Old Dominion University
Norfolk, Virginia
SpecialityColor Correction and digital content creation for feature and television products. Complete knowledge of video mastering process. Strong Knowledge of video compression. Formats: 4k, UHD, 2k, HD, & standard definition. Full knowledge of Digital Intermediate process and deliverables.

Audio Mix / Mastering engineer. Advanced music editing capabilities. Complete understanding of Protools Software.
Hardware ProficiencyDa Vinci 2k+, Blackmagic Resolve, DVS Clipster, Sony SRW, D5. Full knowledge of SAN based environments.

Protools 11HD on apple products

Computer OS: Apple, Windows, & Linux environments.
Software ProficiencyDa Vinci 2k+, Blackmagic Resolve, DVS Clipster

Protools 11HD on Apple products

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