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Director of Photography

Bogota, Bogota - Colombia

I currently live in Bogota, Colombia
ExperienceNov 2012 / Nov 2014: Videographer at PRO TV, Romania
 Directing, filming and editing good quality media productions for the 1st ranked Television
in Romania, member of Time Warner Media Enterprises;
 Over 800 reportages made since Nov 2012;
 Daily reasearch in a area of 5,000 km² for potential subjects.

Aug 2012 / Oct 2012: Cinematographer at Aristoteles, Vama, Romania
 Research, planning, creating strategies for approaching diverse scenaries;
 Filmed „The Dodges Palace”
EducationLeadership / International Experience
Mar 2012 / Nov 2012: Special Events Coordinator at AIESEC Cluj-Napoca (NGO)
 Creating, planning, implementing 5 events for the Europen Congress
SpecialityVideo Production
Hardware Proficiency Extensive knowledge on software programming languages, skills to create, operate and repair
electrical and mechanical equipment, abilities to operate professional audio-video equipment.
 Image & Video knowledge: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop /
Illustrator, Sony Vegas. Programming Languages: C#, HTML, CSS.
Software Proficiency Team spirit, problem-solving attitude, ability to establish and maintain good working
relations with people with different national and cultural backgrounds, capacity for practical
implementation of theoretical information, eagerness to learn new things.
 Good sense of organization (experience in logistics), experience in project management,
flexibility in task approach, management skills gained during the seminars I attended (time
management, teamwork)

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Bogota, Bogota - Colombia

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