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Warsaw, Poland, Mazowieckie - Poland

ExperienceI am project manager working in an audio-visual field. For last few years I was working in the localization field at SDI Media and Synthesis Media, coordinating dubbing of mostly kids contents from Hasbro Studios productions but also voice-overs for AXN and Comedy Central, dubbing for Nickelodeon, commentary for ESPN and trailers production for VOD platforms in 5 countries.
I have worked also in the development area as a development assistant for animated feature at Studio Miniatur Filmowych and scripts writer corporate videos. I did also a stop motion course at The Se-ma-for Film Foundation in Lodz, Poland. Which give me a great inside look on the whole animation production process and software awareness.
I am also experienced in film education. I was a Coordinator of ScripTeast Program
EducationMy studies specialization Culture Animation was based on project management and work-experience in cultural activities. I used my knowledge in practices with different community and art projects, done in a team of animators, alone or with project freelancers. For example I was a project manager in film event agency -being responsible for realization of a set of events “Women’s Film Salons” in Polish cinemas and helped on a documentary project “Women Facing War”.

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Warsaw, Poland, Mazowieckie - Poland

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