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Turnin, Italy

ExperienceWe're a creative lounge made up by freelancer professionals.
Any of us is good at something and we always play in team.
Our knowledge comes from years of experience in digital and graphic design, web development, advertising, marketing planning, video production, film-making, ...
EducationEvery member of our team has specific background such as degree in information technology, master in communication, IED (European Institute of Design) degree.
SpecialityWe strongly encourage any kind of creativity, we love to work with artists and we love to help them out with their projects with all our technologies, knowledge and, of course, sales and promotions.
Software ProficiencyWe work with many software families: from Adobe products for graphic and design to Avid platform for video and commercials or LAMP platform for web development.

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Submitted by on Jun 11, 2009
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Turnin, Italy

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