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Christopher Campbell -Filmmaker Editing


Castle Rock, Castle Rock - 80108 - United States

ExperienceRico Monaco Band
Director- Instruct camera crew and guide the talent’s actions for music video for Ya Ya Ma Ma’s dancing cutaway shots.
Camera Operator- Operate Sony Handycam; compose the shots; record the video for numerous songs on their Genre Bending Album
Editor- Edit 3-5 minute YouTube videos for the band’s newest album, Genre Bending, create special effects using Final Cut Pro X, Photoshop and After Effects

Editor- Edit a photo montage with pan and zoom effects used throughout for lobby display in one of their night clubs

Preditor- Conceptualize and edit minute long commercials, promoting both the station itself and their Port City PD show.

Joy Ragan- Conversations With Joy Shows
Editor- Edit video clips to create 20 minute, weekly YouTube webisodes, create/implement graphic elements such as lower 3rds and an animated introduction using Final Cut Pro X and AfterEffects

Leo the Surveyor:
Behind-the-Scenes- Film the crew with Sony HandyCam and Cannon Rebel as they worked; edit a Behind-the-Scenes video with Final Cut Pro X
Still Photographer- Take photographs for Behind-the-Scenes with Cannon Rebel; compose shots as the crew worked on set
Casting Assistant- Advise the casting director on casting decisions, watching each potential actor/actress and take notes, collect and organize head shots and resumes

Heavy Weight Production:
Still Photographer- Take photographs for Behind-the-Scenes; compose shots with Cannon Rebel

Freak Show Production:
2nd AC- Operate slate, create lined script, load/reload film magazines

Dance Classique Production:
Director- Compile a detailed shot list; instruct camera operator in composition; manage the production team

Scarecrow Production:
Camera Operator- Operate Sony Handycam; compose the shots; record the video
Director- Instruct and block the talent’s actions as well as instruct additional camera operators
Editor- Sequence videos clips together to create the finished trailer; design all visual effects

The Case Production
Script Supervisor- Check continuity; write script supervisor notes, wrap reports and daily log

Centennial School Board Production Crew:
Director- Communicate instructions to camera crew; select which shots are aired; control Technical Director
Technical Director- Control what shots are aired live via switchboard; begin/close broadcast
Camera Operator- Operate the HPX 170; set up camera equipment including headsets and tripod
Graphics Technician- Insert lower 3rds in each shot via Broadcast Pix;
create/edit lower 3rds as needed
Audio Engineer- Adjust volume of microphones; test microphones beforehand;
record event on DVD

Comcast Newsmakers Local Show Production:
Camera Operator- Operate Professional DV Camera to the Director’s Instructions; Perform advanced composition maneuvers
Graphics Technician- Design and apply lower 3rd graphics while airing and capturing
the live production via Final Cut Pro

EducationFull Sail University, Bachelors Degree in Film
Software ProficiencyAdobe Creative Suite
Final Cut Pro
Microsoft Office

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Castle Rock, Castle Rock - 80108 - United States

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