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1c Samoa Street, Kilbirnie - Wellington, Wellington - 6025 - New Zealand

With extensive knowledge in Silhouette, Maya and Nuke as well as a strong eye for detail and precision, I am able to produce high-quality digital mattes in a stereo environment. I work well under pressure, demonstrating effective communication with the compositors, to deliver seamless visual effects shots within the tight deadlines. I have proven skills in rotoscoping and motion capture, through my involvement in The Hobbit Trilogy, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Iron Man 3, The Wolverine, Man of Steel and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. I am proficient in using Linux OS as the work at Weta was run on this platform, and am also skilled in using PC and Mac OS. Prior to working with Weta, I completed two years of study in Animation and Advanced Film and Video Production, followed by two years freelancing as a professional motion designer.

I have great communication and interpersonal skills. I can explain and share highly complex issues with others in my team and with management, so we can work out solutions. I am happy working in both a team environment and individually for extended periods of time. I am ready and able to independently relocate if an opportunity arises; by utilizing the Youth Mobility Visa I would require no company assistance.
ExperienceWeta Digital, Wellington
July 2012 - Dec 2014
Motion Capture Assistant Technical Director/Rotoscoping Artist

• Motion Tracker ATD •
I am responsible for tracking performance capture for body and face, calibrating 3D volumes, training new team members in relevant mo-cap software and conducting QC for tracks before sending them off to the next stage in the pipeline.

Using Giant - Identify, Giant - Calibrate, Maya and some in house softwares such as Gotcha/Dotsbro and Famfit, I am required to clean and resolve data which has been captured on location using a variety of methods and different motion capture
Other roles include assisting in the live stage shoots; including being on camera, helping to prepare the mo-cap actors by positioning the reflective markers on their suits, and occasionally filling in as a stunt actor.

• Rotoscope Artist •
This position requires proficiency in Silhouette, Maya, Nuke and Linux OS.
I am responsible for producing extremely detailed digital mattes in a stereo environment, for wire removals, rig removals, background fixes and green screen extractions. Demonstrating effective communication with the compositors in this role is imperative to ensure all layers and elements are integrated, creating a seamless visual effects shot.

IMDB: Kathryn Jane Black - nm5492288

MiFilms, Wellington
June 2014 - Aug 2014
Motion Graphic Designer

Using Photoshop and After Effects I designed and animated the Locations Overview Section for the DVD release of the film Good For Nothing.

LaunchPad, Wellington
July 2012
EducationNatcoll Design Technology
Diploma in Digital Multimedia and Animation April 2009
SpecialityTechniques required to generate detailed digital mattes in a stereo environment and advanced aspects of 3D motion capture.
Hardware ProficiencyMac and PC
Software Proficiency• Silhouette
• Nuke
• Shake
• Maya
• Lightwave 3D
• Mocha Pro
• Giant - Identify
• Giant - Calibrate
• Gotcha/Dotsbro (in-house body tracking software)
• Famfit (in-house facial tracking software)
• Motion Builder
• Final Cut Pro
• Premiere Pro
• After Effects
• Photoshop
• Illustrator
• Dreamweaver
• Microsoft Expression Web
• Microsoft Office Suite
• Soundtrack Pro
• Logic Pro

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1c Samoa Street, Kilbirnie - Wellington, Wellington - 6025 - New Zealand

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