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ExperienceMarcus Davis,who was born to West Indian parents (Joan Cordelia Davis, may 16 1936 -may 24 2012, Marcus Davis Senior dec 25 1936 -) in Hammersmith Hospital West London in the UK . At the age of 11 years old Marcus was taking piano lessons at his mothers insistance.He learnt to play Drums 6 years later ,but had the sudden urge to learn the Bass a few years after that.Marcus took lessons for about a year,learning the basics of root notes rhythm etc.He later enrolled at the Cardiff College of Music & Drama to brush up on his music theory.By this time Marcus was gigging about in local bands in the area as a Bass Player.Marcus's prime influences thus far ranged from bands like the Commodores,Ohio Players,Kool & the Gang,Parliament/Funkadelic,Rhythm Makers,The Soul Searchers,Mandre,Earth ,Wind,&Fire, to Jazz/Fusion bands like Return To Forever,Weather Report,Brand x,Billy Cobham,George Duke,Herbie Hancock,Stanley Clarke,to Progressive Rock bands like,Genesis,Yes,Rush,Steve Hillage,UK,Bill Bruford.Marcus also listened to alot of individual musicians like Billy Cobham,Lenny White,Anthony Jackson,Stanley Clarke,Al Di Meola, Jeff Berlin,Marcus Miller,Herbie Hancock,Steve Gadd.After hearing the Commodres track Machine Gun,Marcus took a special interest in the Synthesizer during his developement as a musician mainly because of its capabilties pertaining to creating sounds.Thats why Synthesizers feature very heavily on all Serious Nubian projects.It was'nt until the mid 80,s Marcus decided to up and leave and migrate to Canada.There he enrolled at the Trebas Institute Of Recording Arts for for Production and Engineering in Toronto. Also at this time he was playing in local bands based in Toronto.He set up his first recording studio calling it Message Music Productions ,where he recorded his first Serious Nubian project "Confrontations" in 1994.Disatisfied with the music scene in Toronto ,Marcus went down to the States, being based in Atlanta played in a couple of bands there as a Bass Player.The Bobby Coates Quartet and Manifest Destiny.Being thoroughly disappointed Marcus went back to the UK for a number of years.It was thru this time period that he composed and released a whole bunch of music 6 albums in all.All composed,produced,and performed by Marcus under the Serious Nubian moniker.Now after an 8 year hiatus Marcus has recorded a new album out called Satisfy My Soul.
EducationCardiff College of Music & Drama (Music Theory)
Trebas Institute of Recording Arts (Production & Engineering)

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33 Robinson Street - Hamilton, Ontario - L8P 1Y8 - Canada

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