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Davenport, Iowa - 52802 - United States

Experience45+ years in this business of Video Production and Broadcasting. Started with Avid, then Pinnacle, then Sony Studios. Edited and shoot Beta-Max in 1970's, Sony 3/4" in the 80's, Sony 640SD in the 90's and now Sony 1080P.

Recorded Audio on Apex rack mounted decks in the early 70's, Panasonic (sorry Sony) 4 track reel to reel portables in the late 70's and 80's, Sony 3/4" field recorder cassette in the 90's, Yamaha AW's 16 & 32 track DAR's from 1999 to present, Tascam DR-70d 4 track field recorder in 2015.

I've been recording audio from live stage performances since 1972 and both audio and video since 1980.

EducationSelf taught electronics technician at 16 years old and now have over 30 years of bench work. Trained in Broadcasting by U.S. Army and produced the Joint Chiefs of Staff's version of "Good Morning Vietnam." My part in the two hour show, that broadcast Monday-Friday from 1968-70, included Audio board, CCU, Video switcher, Cameramen, Light-valve Projector.

I worked for several broadcast engineers from 1971 to 1976 performing both electronic repair and maintenance of RCA, Panasonic and Sony studio equipment. I started Team American Corp in the early 1980's and produced Software, Radio & TV commercials, Product videos and live stage recordings

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Davenport, Iowa - 52802 - United States

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