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CinemaVision Film Production

CinemaVision Film Production

Film Production

Pabianicka Street 159/161 - Łódź, woj. łódzkie - 93-490 - Poland

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Our film production:
ExperienceComprehensive solutions for stereoscopic and agile film making.

Services, Software and Hardware.

Specialized film software (including 3D software) :

- CinemaVision Fountain Editor

- CinemaVision Shot Calculator

- CinemaVision Desktop Suite

- CinemaVision Camera Calibrator

- CinemaVision Movie Diagnostics

- CinemaVision Certificate Authority
Education - Stereoscopy 3D -
Our knowledge, experience and equipment can be used to make a feature film, a documentary, to record a performance, a music video, a commercial, a training film. We help our customers with 2D to stereo 3D conversion.

- High resolution 4K -
We have experience and ability to record and post product a film in high resolution. We have got on-line editing equipment for 2D-6K and 3D-4K footage.

- High frame rate 1000 fps at 4K -
We know how to synchronize multiple cameras and how to record stereoscopic slow motion (over 1000 fps) simultaneously from 4 rigs.

- Convergence DCP + Blu-ray + TV -
Considering the limitation of every format and taking them into account during filmmaking, we provide the final product of the highest quality.

- Pre-production -
We hire the proficient and professional film crew using the innovative ICT solutions.

- Production -
We advise, select and assemble the equipment which shot the film efficiently and in the highest quality.

- Post-production -
We edit stereoscopic 3D UltraHD/4K images in this stage of production.

- Distribution -
We automate the film releasing process for different targets and different channels of distribution.
SpecialityWe are suppliers of CinemaVision equipment and services required for making high quality 3D films. We rely on the main rule in film industry - perfection and uncompromising quality.

We always find solutions adjusted to the bugdet - for short, one-day sets as well as for much longer productions.
Hardware ProficiencyMirror Rigs
Paralell Rigs
Image Analyser
Rig Controller
Field Desk

(3D Rigs, Beamsplitter Rigs)
Software ProficiencyAll software available online !

- CinemaVision Fountain Editor -
WYSIWYG screenplay editor using Fountain format. Supports hierarchical navigation, content assist, advanced reporting and printing to PDF.

- CinemaVision Shot Calculator -
Stereoscopic calculator with visualisation and dynamic communication with hardware.

- CinemaVision Desktop Suite -
Download desktop bundle with your favorite CinemaVision software.

- CinemaVision Movie Diagnostics
Assistance tool for measure stereoscopic perception and image quality of 3D movies.
Movie Diagnostics allow to examine 3D movie image quality and the eye reaction of the tested person.

- CinemaVision Camera Calibrator
Assistance tool simplifying stereoscopic cameras calibration process.
Evaluates calibration accuracy on the base of video analysis and calculates correction coefficients.

- CinemaVision Certificate Authority
CinemaVision Certificate Authority can be employed for the following uses: Trusted Network, Trusted Users, Secure email.

Our solution includes all the necessary elements:
Certification Practice Statement (CPS)
Certificate Policy (CP)
public repositories
private repositories
object identifiers (OID)
Hardware Security Module (HSM)
operating procedures
staff training
activation ceremony
disaster recovery.

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Pabianicka Street 159/161 - Łódź, woj. łódzkie - 93-490 - Poland

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